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It was Sunday afternoon, Memorial Day weekend, and I was hard at work optimizing and retooling pages for one of our great, nonprofit clients.

And I was loving it.

Normally, I’d have either been all pissed off that I was working on a weekend, much less a holiday weekend, but that wasn’t happening. I was actually excited to be able to share my expertise to help one of our favorite nonprofit partners move their organization forward so they could improve the lives, health, and well-being of their stakeholders.

That’s when I knew I had discovered my calling.

Fast-forward to September, that same year. I had the distinct privilege to be a guest on one of my favorite podcasts, More Cheese Less Whiskers, with the charming and insightful Dean Jackson. He likes to help people hatch “evil schemes” for their businesses and quickly nailed down a path to helping me spread my superpower to the masses. And this podcast was born.

My favorite thing to do is work with Founders and leaders of nonprofits to brainstorm ways they can grow their organizations and do more good. That’s what the Relish This Podcast is all about. Uncovering gold nuggets to help good people do great things.

Want to be a guest on the show?  Simply visit the ‘Be a Guest‘ link and shoot me your details.

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I’m looking forward to brainstorming breakthroughs with you.

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Relish THIS is a weekly conversation with nonprofit leaders about their organization and ways to unearth some gold to help them expand their mission through marketing. Get marketing insights, tips, and great discussions to help move your organization forward. For more, check out


Ep 102: Effective Storytelling to Inspire Investment with David Cohen from Techstars

Whether you are a startup looking for investment, or a nonprofit seeking to build momentum by attracting a larger donor, getting your story dialed in is clutch. On this week’s Relish THIS, David Cohen from Techstars joined me to discuss his experience with investing and what purpose-focused businesses can do to ensure that they are … Continued

Ep 101: How to Get Volunteers on Board from the Onset with Karen Knight

Volunteers are the fuel that keeps nonprofit organizations humming. Not discounting volunteers’ hard work to serve nonprofits’ missions, volunteers and how they talk about their experiences working with their favorite organizations provide the thrust that brings an abundance of donations, interest, and other volunteers into the system. In short, when you treat your volunteers well … Continued

Ep 100: Improve Your Effectiveness with Data with Matt Ranta of Nimble Gravity

The idea of testing can stir up anxiety for many people. But what if testing was a fun, fruitful venture for your organization? In fact, to get the most out of your marketing, you need to be testing, measuring, making adjustments, and repeating this cycle infinitum to ensure you aren’t missing opportunities and are taking … Continued

Ep 99: Reenergize Your Nonprofit to Survive and Thrive with Kristen Faith of The Nonprofit Makeover

All of us have the desire to be liked. And many of us hide our true selves for fear of rejection. We tailor our appearance, what we say, and what we talk about to try to curate a persona we believe will be more attractive to more people. This curation may create a likable avatar, … Continued

Ep 98: Creating a More Authentic Conversation with Aaron Wrixon

Are you struggling with content marketing? In one sense, getting your message out to prospects has never been easier. A quick web search reveals dozens, if not hundreds, of content tools to help you quickly distribute your latest ideas via email, social media, your site, and nearly anywhere else you can think of. However, this … Continued

Ep 97: Mission Alignment and How to Keep Creativity in the Ecosystem With Teague McDaniel from Creative Integration Initiative

There’s a saying in sales, “‘No’ is the second best answer you can hear.” There’s a certain power in “no” and getting to that “not interested” allows everyone to move forward and get on with their day. This holds true in the nonprofit world as well. Understanding one’s mission and selecting partners that are mission-aligned … Continued

Ep 96: Your Numbers Tell a Story: Understanding Nonprofit Finances with Stephen King

Storytelling is a major component of any organization’s marketing. People love a good story, and effective storytelling can make the difference between gaining that new donor or falling short on your projections… again. More often than not, when looking for a compelling story, one overlooks a glaring opportunity in one’s organization. See, when telling a … Continued

Episode 95: Reframing Costs As Investments with Alex Romero

When spending money on one’s organization, it’s pretty easy to fall into what I call the “cost trap”. Particularly when one is a solopreneur, there’s a tendency to think of expenses as money coming out of one’s pocket instead of as an investment into one’s organization. It stems from adopting a scarcity mindset (rather than … Continued

Episode 94: How to bring DEI training to the masses with Maren Miller and Nikki Murillo from Building Bridges

In the past, one’s “elevator pitch” lasted 30-60 seconds. There was a reasonable expectation that one could hold someone’s attention for that period of time during which a longer conversation could be created. These days, however, 30-60 seconds is an eternity. In the world of TikTok and Snapchat and Twitter, we now have roughly 7 … Continued

Episode 93: Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Apply for Grants with Gauri Manglik

Going after grants seems like a no-brainer for most nonprofits. The allure of readily available money is certainly a draw – that can turn into a real distraction if you aren’t positioned well to win these opportunities. My guest today, Gauri Manglik, is a pro in the grant writing space. She is the CEO and … Continued

Ep 92: Help Is Always Available: You Don’t Have to Go It Alone with Mike Hess From The Blind Institute of Technology

One of the challenges most entrepreneurs create for themselves is an inability to ask for help. This can stem from fear of appearing weak, a desire for control, or a heightened sense of responsibility honed by years of “Gettin’ it done.” Regardless of the root cause, one thing is certainly true: You are not alone. … Continued

Ep 91: Leveraging social media chat tools with Nick Black from Good United

Marketing is all about relationship-building. From selling a $0.25 widget to landing a multi-million dollar corporate sponsor, your ability to close business is only as strong as the relationships you build. People do business with people… and it’s becoming increasingly evident that people do even MORE business with people they like. That’s why any chance … Continued

Ep 90: Framing your donations as investments with Greg Harrell Edge from Coachart

A small adjustment in the language you use can make a big impact on your outcomes. A lot of nonprofits, in fact, MOST nonprofits, talk about donations in terms of “gifts”. This tees up a certain dynamic – one with low expectations which can reduce the frequency and volume of said “gift”. My guest today … Continued

Episode 89: Make Your Site a Member of Your Team with David Pisarek

If there’s one takeaway from this week’s episode it’s that “your site is a member of your team.” And, like the other members of your team, your site needs to be nurtured in order for it to thrive and work as effectively as you would like. See, a lot of people think that having a … Continued

Episode 88: Getting Culture Right: DEI Focus with Michael Rolph

Aside from “pivot”, “culture” is a word that has been getting a bit of a workout in the business world over the last several years. There are SO many reasons why a focus on “culture” is a clutch move for any organization. We are seeing a big shift in how people engage with businesses and … Continued

Episode 87: Aligning and Defining Your Company’s Culture with HR Strategist Otisa Eads

Building a team seems like a pretty straightforward endeavor. Figure out what you want people to “do” then get someone on board to accomplish that task, right? Turns out, there is a better way to approach the hiring process and it comes from “BEing” rather than “DOing”. And it really comes down to seeking cultural … Continued

Episode 86: The power of purpose and leading with authenticity with Cheryl Farr and Cristina Ferreri from SignalCSK

At one point, having a purpose-focused organization was a bit of a differentiator. Lately, the term comes up a lot, and for those organizations that are truly leading with purpose and have a mission that drives their decisions and daily activities, kudos to you. At Relish Studio, we like working with people with a purpose … Continued

Episode 85: CRMs, the number one tool to help you stay on track and grow your organization with Lidiane Mocko of CRM Growth Strategy

When asked, “What’s the best Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM)?” I like to joke, “The best CRM is the one you will use.” And though this is mostly a pithy reply to a legitimate inquiry, in my experience just getting started and committed to using a CRM is one of the best actions one can … Continued

Episode 84: Embracing the new future of virtual events to greatly increase your engagement, attendance and donations with We and Goliath

Like it or not, we are still living in a world where virtual events continue to be a necessity. In order to accommodate the widest possible audience, getting your virtual events dialed is imperative to ensure that you enable optimum engagement. And what’s fortune is that we do live in an era where technology exists … Continued

Episode 83: Planning where you want to go with Sherry Quam Taylor from Quam Taylor Consulting

When thinking about planning, most of us start that exploration from the perspective of where we are today. Want to buy a new car? How much money do you make or have in the bank? Interested in taking an extended vacation? How much time have you accumulated in your PTO at work? But my guest … Continued

Episode 82: Budgets are essentially plans, in numbers – Strategic planning for nonprofits with Carol Hamilton

When you think of strategic planning, what comes to mind? Hours locked away in a conference room, working through scenarios and exercises that, in the end, will produce a document that feels ok at the time, but you know will rarely see the light of day once the session is complete? Or a valuable exercise … Continued

Episode 81: Who you need to BE to get things DONE with Sobia Zafar from the Taaleem Foundation

Setting big goals for your organization can be daunting. Are your plans and projections realistic? Are you reaching too far? Not far enough? Getting to that “sweet spot” of planning and projections feels comfortable. But, as we chatted about in last week’s episode, that’s not a real commitment. Commitment happens when you land in the … Continued

Episode 80: How to leverage authenticity and passion to do good in the world with Steve Bacon from Belief Theory

My coach frames everything from the perspective of commitment. And if you think you understand commitment, let me tell you something, his definition (and getting committed to REAL commitment) could change your world. See, it’s easy to “commit” to things you know you can do. I can confidently sign on to say, throwing a football … Continued

Episode 79: Advertisers vs. Sponsors vs. Partners – What’s Best for Your Organization? with Ken Ungar from Charge

Partnerships can provide a much-needed boost to any organization’s outreach. They help secure funding for events, bring in a baked-in audience ready to engage, and can contribute in a variety of other ways to help your organization move closer to your goals. However, partnerships are a two-way street. This week’s Relish THIS I spoke with … Continued

Episode 78: Access the right tools and resources to help your organization thrive with Mitch Stein, CEO of Pond

Two of the most common questions we get from nonprofit leaders are, “Do you know anyone who can help us with that?” and “Is there a tool or app we can use that will help streamline that for us?” Fortunately, the Founder and CEO of Pond, Mitch Stein and his team can help with both … Continued

Episode 77: Making your organization work for you with Simon Severino from Strategy Sprints

What if you could have your organization truly work for you? Many leaders dream of building an organization that can run without constant attention and input from the founders. One that has the right team in place and the right processes on line to thrive. One that allows every team member the opportunity to step … Continued

Episode 76: Getting Inspirational – Build a better team through the power of leadership coaching with Chris Hutchinson

At the ripe, young age of 23, I found myself leading a team of creatives for one of the top three cycling catalog companies in the nation. Looking back at that time, I certainly could have used more experience in team management and motivation to get the most out of my team. Or at least … Continued

Episode 75: Failing Fast for Better Results with Diana Zhang from Neighbor Share

Whether you’re a seasoned nonprofit or just getting started, it’s important to learn the concept of “failing fast.” Getting to a “no” quickly can help you achieve success and grow rather than limiting yourself and what you can do. On this week’s episode I spoke with Diana Zhang, CEO, and Co-Founder of Neighbor Share, an … Continued

Episode 74: Scale Your Organization Through Inspiring Your Stakeholders With Joe Sanders From Colorado Uplift

For most businesses and organizations, the quickest wins are found in the INSPIRE phase of the stakeholder lifecycle. In most situations, transforming customers and donors into repeat business is simply easier than selling to a whole new audience. After all, you’ve already put in the hard work nurturing these individuals through the ATTRACT, BOND, and … Continued

Episode 73: Reframing Your Story to Your Stakeholders’ Perspective with Danny Combs from TACT

  Messaging is a challenge for many organizations. From struggling with differentiation, to being too “us” focused, it’s flat-out difficult to nail your core message and engage stakeholders. Yet most nonprofits have a great story lurking in the haze. After all, what’s not to love about an inspirational mission? And even the newest nonprofits have … Continued

Episode 72: Get Committed And Take Action With Mark Bergel

  If you have been listening to Relish THIS for a while, you have probably detected a theme: I’m a big fan of taking action. In fact, I ask each of my wonderful guests at the end of each episode what action they would like for you, dear listener, to take after our discussion. Well, … Continued

Episode 71: Living Your Values To Expand Your Mission With Seth Ehrlich

  The business world is changing. No longer can businesses continue to operate in using the old paradigm. Put your head down, shut up, and work harder no longer work as a motivators for your team. This shift to culture-based business promises a different experience for all stakeholders. And when you and your entire team … Continued

Episode 70: Leveraging Paid Search For Nonprofits With Kurt Filla

  Whether you run a nonprofit or for-profit organization, paid search is going to be one of the main marketing ecosystem pillars you should consider to get “instant on” traffic sources to your offerings. That being said, running a successful paid search campaign requires some planning and know-how to make sure you get the most … Continued

Episode 69: Get Your Podcast Up And Running: Successful Podcast Launching Tips With Tony Lupo And Ryan Fairfield Of The Warrior Next Door

  Launching a podcast can be difficult especially if you don’t find your niche. According to recent research, there are currently over 2 million individual podcasts out there. And around 45 million episodes. That sounds like a pretty crowded market. But when you dig into the stats a bit more, some real gold gets unearthed. … Continued

Episode 68: The Market Of Building Business Relationships On Amazon With Keith Hartnett

  Marketing is all about relationship-building. The most valuable relationships are measured by their quality vs. their quantity, but almost every relationship begins with an exchange of value often marked by some series of back-and-forth interactions. My guest today, Keith Hartnett, the Founder and CEO of Better World Products, knows all about the power of … Continued

Episode 67: How You Be Influences What You Do With Townsend Wardlaw

  Have you ever considered how you “be” directly influences all that you “do”? It’s an interesting concept – one that requires some serious brain yoga to wrap your head around. See, if you follow today’s guest’s approach, you have the capacity to create every moment in your life. How you show up in life … Continued

Episode 66: Systems Optimizations – The Key To Scaling Your Business With Alyson Caffrey

    When you start a business, systems optimization isn’t usually top of mind when it comes to priorities. However, if you want to scale and grow, you need to have processes in place for your team to follow. Today’s guest is Alyson Caffrey, the Founder and CEO of Operations Agency. Her goal is to … Continued

Episode 65: Mindset Shifts For Leaders – How To Stop Suffering With Jeff Kinsey

  Nietzsche is quoted as saying, “To live is to suffer. To survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” But what if the suffering itself was optional? What if you can shift your mindset to look forward instead of back? This concept is what today’s guest, Jeff Kinsey, and your host, Stu Swineford, have … Continued

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Episode 64: Hone Your Message To Reinforce The Work You Do With Stephanie And David From SJMA

  As you’re probably aware, I’m a big fan of protecting Colorado’s open spaces. You may know Relish is involved with 1% for the Planet, but I think it’s also of interest that I’ve chosen to live deep in the forest of Colorado’s Front Range. It’s fair to say environmental stewardship is engrained in what … Continued

Episode 63: Telling Your Story At The Intersection Of Marketing, Branding, And Sales With Suzi Bahnsen From Apple And Arrow Sales

  In the for-profit world, Sales and Marketing are two sides of the same coin. They work hand-in-hand to build an organization. In the nonprofit world, however, these two components of brand building and stakeholder engagement get a bad rap. But do nonprofits actually sell? Of course they do. Whether some component of your organization … Continued

Episode 62: How To Successfully Launch A Product On Amazon With Luke Tierney Of Eco D2c

  I don’t think it’s news that Amazon dominates the online selling game, both here in the United States and around the world. You don’t get to be a $1.75T—yes, that’s trillions of dollars—by slacking. In any case, if you’re launching a consumer product, a little knowledge about how to market it on Amazon can … Continued

Ep 61: Rethink Your Nonprofit’s Revenue Streams With Regeanie Corona From Advancing The Seed

    When you’re trying to scale and grow, it can be daunting to think about all the moving parts that need to fall into place for your organization to reach the next level. Fundraising, messaging, outreach, hiring, infrastructure—all of these compound to create a lot of stress. That is, if you haven’t mapped out … Continued

Episode 60: Reframe and Remaster Your Messaging To Thrive with Douglas Spencer of Spencer Brenneman

  What message are you trying to share with your stakeholders? On this week’s Relish This, I chatted with Spencer Brennan, the founder, and CEO of Boston agency Douglas Spencer. He and I met on an online group called that enables those working in the nonprofit sector to connect with other nonprofit and purpose-focused experts. Spencer … Continued

Episode 59: Manage And Fuel Your Organization’s Growth With Goodworld Co-founder Richie Kendall

My guest today is Richie Kendall, the co-founder of Goodworld, an AMAZING tech stack that helps organizations (both nonprofit and for-profit) manage and fuel their growth. Richie’s platform combines many great features in one platform, making it easier to coordinate your outreach for maximum effect. In my opinion, nonprofit organizations could especially benefit from using … Continued

Episode 58: Sharing your Passion With A Wider Audience: PR and nonprofit outreach with Maya Brook From Slow Food Denver

  Are you crafting a conversation with all of your audiences? On this episode of Relish This, I talked with Maya Brook, the Executive Director of Slow Food Denver, an organization that helps educate people about their food sources and encourages them to seek out  food that is produced using sustainable practices and is available … Continued

Episode 57: How To Build Partnerships And Expand Your Mission With Mike Reichert From Wild Bear Nature Center

  On this week’s episode, I talked with Mike Reichert, the Director of Operations at Wild Bear Nature Center in Nederland, CO. Wild Bear Nature Center has an ambitious plan to educate people about nature by building a new facility down the street from where I live. (They’re currently running a big capital campaign to raise … Continued

Episode 56: Remain Relevant By Running Online Events With Dave Jensen From Encompass Event Group

  Are you hosting an event this year? If not, you should consider doing so. (Within the bounds of safety, of course.) On this week’s episode I talked with Dave Jensen, the CEO of Encompass Events Group. Their company helps nonprofit organizations put on live hybrid and remote events. They offer support and production services … Continued

Episode 55: Keeping Your Foot On The Gas Even Through The Hard Times With Angela Forster From Tiny Studio

Are you keeping your foot on the gas? This week I talked with Angela Forster, the co-founder of Tiny Studio. Angela and her business partner, Nancy Rice, have a women-owned business that does lots of work in the nonprofit sector. Since both of us are in the design world, our conversation naturally touched on design … Continued

Episode 54: Running A Sweepstake To Engage Donors With Annie Tukman From TapKat

Have you ever thought about generating donations by hosting a sweepstake? (Yes, “sweepstakes” means more than one. ��� This week we are talking to Annie Tukman, the Sales Director at TapKat, a platform that runs online sweepstakes for nonprofit organizations. Sweepstakes are great for an organization because they help gamify the donation process. This can … Continued

Episode 53: Commit To Sharing Your Story And Why It Matters With Rhiannon Hendrickson From Orapin Marketing

Have you committed to getting your story out to your stakeholders?    In today’s episode of Relish This, we talk to Rhiannon Hendrickson, Founder and CEO of Orapin Marketing, a fantastic PR firm that does a LOT of work in the nonprofit sector.    Her firm focuses on helping nonprofits get their stories out to … Continued

Episode 52: Build Trusting Relationships With Core Donors To Get The Job Done Right With Greg Hodgin from Peacebuilding Solutions

  Are you cultivating trust with your core stakeholders? On this week’s episode we talk to Greg Hodgin, Founder and Executive Director of Peacebuilding Solutions. Peacebuilding Solutions builds success from a platform rooted in solid research. Their teams embed in areas affected by war and crisis, and spend time learning and understanding—not assuming—their stakeholders’ needs. … Continued

Episode 51: Tackling Diversity and Inclusion In Your Nonprofit with Mitsu Iwasaki from The American Alpine Club

  On this week’s episode we talk to Mitsu Iwasaki, the Executive Director of the American Alpine Club. This organization spent more than 100 years promoting and celebrating mountain climbing and alpine adventure communities and their achievements. Mitsu and I share a passion for the outdoors—for climbing, skilling, and the thrill of reaching any pinnacle. So as … Continued

Episode 50: Creating Success At The Intersection Between Marketing And Communications With Ashley Desrosiers And John Russo From Seaside Sustainability

  If you’re a long-time listener, you may remember when we talked with Eric Magers, the Executive Director of Seaside Sustainability a few months ago. At the time we had a great discussion about Seaside’s unique perspective around stakeholder engagement to drive their mission. There was SO much good information in that episode, but we … Continued

Episode 49: How to Live Your Best Life with David Shurna From No Barriers

  Here’s a question that most of us don’t take time to ask: Are you living your best life? On this week’s episode, I talked with David Shurna, one of the Co-Founders of No Barriers, a nonprofit organization that helps people of all types do exactly that — live their best lives. They have an … Continued

Episode 48: How to Run Your Organization Like a For-Profit with Sherry Manning from Global Seed Savers

  Profits or revenue… What’s your organization’s focus? If you can’t answer that question, perhaps you’ll enjoy this week’s episode of Relish This. I had a great, all-encompassing conversation with Sherry Manning, the US Executive Director of Global Seed Savers. They are a really cool organization that helps farmers stockpile and diversify their seed stock … Continued

Episode 47: How Franchise Ownership Can Fund Aspirational and Philanthropic Dreams with David Weaver from Franchoice

  Here’s an episode that is a little off the beaten track. Today I talked with David Weaver, a representative of Franchoice, a for-profit company that helps people buy franchises. I wanted to have David on because he provides a unique perspective on the opportunities that business or franchise ownership can provide. He’s been around … Continued

Episode 46: Maintain Momentum, Build Your Audience, and Prevent Burnout Through Small Wins with Setsuko Hata Executive Director of We Are From The Earth

  In this week’s episode, I had a great conversation with Setsuko Hata, the Executive Director of We Are From the Earth. WAFTE is building a social media platform that helps people cultivate compassion and live a socially conscious lifestyle. Yes, you can connect with like-minded people there, but the platform is focused primarily on … Continued

Episode 45: Learning How To Identify And Nurture your Ideal Audience With Julia Keller From Mindful Youth

  In this week’s episode, I talk to Julia Keller, one of the founders of the Mindful Youth Institute. They are teeing up a lot of great opportunities to address bullying behavior—and to help potential bullies find a different path. Their organization is fairly new so we had a great conversation discussing every facet of … Continued

Episode 44: Creating a compelling story through marketing and communication with Mark Eller from Leave No Trace

  Here at Relish we try hard to adopt sustainable practices, recycle, and reuse as best we can. Generally speaking, we do our best to minimize the impact we have on the planet. I bring it up because I had a fun conversation today with Mark Eller, the Memberships, Major Gifts, and Foundations Director at … Continued

Episode 43: Leverage Your Most Powerful Asset, Your Mailing List, With Sarah Murray From Women’s Wilderness

  Your email list is a powerful asset. But if you’re like many organizations, you’re not making the most of it. After all—what’s better than an engaged audience, all of whom have raised their hands to be part of your program? Today’s guest is Sarah Murray, Executive Director of Women’s Wilderness. WW is an amazing … Continued

Episode 42: Creating Multiple Avenues of Engagement For Stakeholders With Mike Fye From Big Brothers Big Sisters

  Big Brothers Big Sisters has been around for over 100 years, and my guest today had a LOT of great history to share. Mike Fye is the Director of Corporate Sponsorships at BBBS Colorado. They are doing some fantastic things to mentor kids and help them navigate the world. Not only that, Mike understands … Continued

Episode 41: Finding Common Connections To Build Stronger Relationships With Tim Kugler from Gunnison Valley Trails Association

  Fabulous episode today with Tim Kugler, the Executive Director of Gunnison Valley Trails Association. This show made me think about relationships and how quickly they develop when you look for common ground. You see, Tim and I have quite a bit of overlap. I grew up in Gunnison, where Tim’s organization is based, and … Continued

Episode 40: Keeping Your Stakeholders Engaged Year Round With Gillian Winterbourn From Together We Count

  How can you keep your stakeholders engaged? On today’s episode I speak with Gillian Winbourn, the Executive Director of Together We Count, a unique organization that creates and motivates coalitions to help with the Census every 10 years. The cyclical nature of the Census means long periods of almost no interest from the public—punctuated … Continued

Special Episode: Get Control Of Your ROI To Improve Your Organization’s Performance With Tim Sarrantonio from NeonOne

My guest today is Tim Sarrantonio, Head of Partnerships and Business at NeonOne. Tim is a veritable font of knowledge about the nonprofit space and NeonOne is a really amazing resource for nonprofits looking to supercharge their ability to reach, connect with, and engage their stakeholders. (Just like I wrote about in my book, Mission … Continued

Episode 39: Develop Your Organization’s Culture To Further Your Mission With The Apollo Foundation

  Culture is an important ingredient in every business—and it’s an area that sometimes gets overlooked in the nonprofit space. After all, nonprofits are steeped in the culture of philanthropy and altruism, right? There’s more to creating a great culture than just assuming all of your stakeholders will be aligned because you give back. Today’s … Continued

Episode 38: Bring Stakeholders In Early And Engage Them Ongoing with Bill Woolf From The Space Force Association

  I had a super-fun conversation on Relish This today with Bill Woolf, Founder and President of Space Force Association. The SFA is helping to build awareness around the importance of having a strong, protective presence as more and more starts to happen outside of earth’s atmosphere. Bill and I talked about ways to engage … Continued

Episode 37: Stand Out And Improve Engagement By Having A Real Conversation With Emily Taylor From Teeny Big

  How do you stand out in a sea of communication? On this week’s episode of Relish This, I had a fun conversation with Emily Taylor. She’s the Principal of Teeny Big, an organization that focuses on turning lackluster partners into passionate supporters. Emily works a lot with the Audience Engagement Cycle—or what they call … Continued

Episode 36: Creating Experiences To Drive Donor Engagement With Keegan Guizard From College Skateboards

  How are you enriching your stakeholders’ experience? On this week’s episode of Relish This, we talk to Keegan Guizard. Keenan is on the Board of the College Skateboarding Educational Foundation, an organization that helps get skaters college scholarships. You’d be forgiven for thinking there was no real-world application for pushing your boundaries in competitive … Continued

Episode 35: Engaging Stakeholders By Addressing ALL Their Motivations With Eric Magers From Seaside Sustainability And STEM Honor Society

  My guest today is Eric Magers, the Executive Director of Seaside Sustainability and the Founder and CEO of the National STEM Honor Society. (I think it’s fair to say that he has A LOT going on.) Eric focuses on creating multiple ways for people to “get into” these organizations and give. By tapping into … Continued

Episode 34: Creating meaningful relationships with Elaine Brewer from the Humble Warrior

  Good marketing is all about relationship-building, isn’t it? On today’s episode, I had the opportunity to talk to Elaine Brewer, one of the founders of Humble Warrior Wellness Center, who reminded me that’s exactly what marketing is about. The Wellness Center helps veterans and first responders with their mental and physical health, by offering … Continued

Episode 33: Getting Creative With Ryan O’Donoghue From 1st Descents And Stoke Broker

  Today’s guest today is Ryan O’Donoghue, CEO of both the nonprofit First Descents and the for-profit company Stoke Broker. First Descents provides life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. Stoke Broker takes the wealth of expertise First Descents has developed over the past 20 years and applies … Continued

Episode 32: Creating Opportunities To Always Give A Little More With Peter Downing From Suffer Better

  Is there a way that you can give a little extra today? My guest on today’s episode is Peter Downing, the Founder of Suffer Better. Suffer Better inspires athletes to give their all (plus a bit more through charitable contributions and volunteer time). On the call we discussed a simple idea that can pay … Continued

Episode 31: Want To Share Your Mission? Just Ask Your Stakeholders With Dave Elmore From Paradox Sports

  Are you missing opportunities to build relationships with your stakeholders? On today’s episode, I spoke with Dave Elmore, the Executive Director of Paradox Sports. Paradox exists to increase climbing access for those with disabilities, expanding access to adaptive climbing programs and national climbing trips nationwide. Paradox already does a great job with relationship-building and … Continued

Episode 30: Mission Uncomfortable: The New Book By Relish Studio

  This week on a special episode of Relish This, Relish Studio’s marketing expert, James Lopez, takes the reins to chat with Stu about his new book! Mission Uncomfortable: How Nonprofits Can Embrace Purpose-Driven Marketing to Survive and Thrive has been in the works for a while— And Stu is beyond proud that it’s finally … Continued

Episode 29: Leverage and Utilize Your Team’s Collective Knowledge For Better Connections and Growth with Danielle Graczyk of Canine Inspired Change

  I find myself falling into the “easy” trap all the time. If I can do something easily, the thinking goes, it couldn’t possibly be worth anything, right? But what seems simple to me may actually be incredibly valuable to someone else who hasn’t been steeped in marketing for the past 30 years.  On today’s … Continued

Episode 28: Building Trusting Relationships With David Facunle Of Womb Work Productions

  At Relish Studio, we like to think of marketing as a relationship-building activity. And when you’re building a relationship, there’s no better way to slam the breaks on creating a bond than to ask too much too soon. Today’s guest is David Fakunle, the Executive Director of Womb Work Productions.  His organization is doing … Continued

Episode 27: Overcoming Your Nonprofit’s Legal Hurdles With Christian LeFer From Instant NonProfit

  As you surely know, starting a nonprofit can be challenging. Nonprofit leaders usually find themselves with way too much to do—and too little time and expertise to tackle every detail. That would be frustrating at the best of times, but even more so when you just want to get your organization up and running … Continued

Episode 26: Leveraging And Repurposing To Get The Most Out Of Your Assets. A Conversation With Francie Saunders Of Ubiquitous Empowerment

  Are you getting everything you can out of the materials you produce? On today’s show, I had a fun conversation with Francie Saunders, one of the founders of Ubiquitous Empowerment. They’re an up-and-coming organization focused on helping under-served youth communities live happier, healthier lives through increased access to sexual health education and services. The … Continued

Episode 25: Get Your Story Out There With Kate Williams From 1% For the Planet

  On this week’s episode, I’m proud to talk to one of my favorite people—Kate Williams, Executive Director of 1% for the Planet. 1% for the Planet, if you’re not familiar with the organization, calls itself “a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through memberships and everyday actions.” Their mantra—”everyone has … Continued

Episode 24: What does “value” mean with Taylor Masamitsu from Creating for Justice

Early in my freelance career (way before founding Relish Studio) I had the opportunity to cover for a friend going on an extended vacation. After meeting with the client and agreeing we were a good match, I came up with a rate that I thought would win the gig. They quickly agreed—and nearly immediately said, … Continued

Episode 23: Creating Powerful Partner Alignment with Bob and Bill from Shoulder To Shoulder

Today’s guests are Bob Bandoni and Bill Cotter from Students Shoulder to Shoulder. This amazing organization has a REALLY strong Vision of a future where leaders around the world come to their positions from the perspective of ethical purpose. They accomplish this through mentorship opportunities that place students shoulder-to-shoulder with NGOs and the beneficiaries they … Continued

Episode 22: Serving People First to Build Supporters Later with Pavel Reppo from A Fine Mind

How are you building relationships with your stakeholders? My guest today is Pavel Reppo who is the Executive Director of A Fine Mind, a really interesting organization that is helping to bring mental health services to Uganda. Pavel explained that on top of all the challenges faced by Ugandans, there are only 30 psychiatrists to … Continued

Episode 21: Building Stronger Relationships with Lisa McAlister from With Good Cause

I always love talking with Lisa McAlister, founder of With Good Cause, a Boulder-area PR firm dedicated to helping nonprofits and purpose-focused businesses maximize their ability to affect social change. Our conversation touched on many aspects of Purpose Marketing and how it is steeped in helping organizations build lasting relationships with stakeholders to really enrich … Continued

Special Episode: Donation System Optimization with Tim Kachuriak From Next After

Can you make your marketing more personable? I am super excited about this very special episode of Relish This. I had a great conversation with Tim Kachuriak, Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer at Next After. Tim’s business revolves around collecting and sharing data-driven, science-based information around donor optimization. This episode is jam-packed with actionable ideas … Continued

Episode 20: Celebrating Success And Leveraging That Success To Grow with Drew Robertson From Mattersville Vets

How are you celebrating your successes and wins? On this week’s episode of Relish This, I talked with Drew Robertson, the Founder of Mattersville Vets. They are an amazing organization that helps provide Veterans with sustainable housing and support to help them reacclimate to civilian life and thrive. Plus, they work with rescue wolves and … Continued

Episode 19: Leveraging Your Purchasing Power to Influence Markets with Shiv Goel from Green Consumer Project

Have you ever thought deeply about how your purchases are impacting the environment? If you haven’t, now is a great time to learn more about the products you consume and ways we can make better purchasing decisions that will positively influence consumer brands to help save the environment. On this week’s episode of Relish This, … Continued

Episode 18: Understanding the Stakeholder Lifecycle with Debra Fowler from History Unerased

Do you have an understanding of your stakeholder lifecycle? On today’s episode of Relish This, I had a great conversation with Deb Fowler. She is the Executive Director and co-Founder of History Unerased and has a  program that promotes LGBTQ inclusion in the classroom by helping educators with curricula and teaching strategies to talk about … Continued

Episode 17: Creating Awareness And Facilitating Change With Katherine Baxter from ANAW and American Canary

Katherine is doing some REALLY hard work with her African animal charity and has a second one we talked about as well that is all about media awareness. We talked a bit about how to make things actionable instead of just a lot of talk. We discussed ways to reach potential audiences through retargeting (vegans, … Continued

Episode 16: Integrate Values With Your Purpose To Cultivate More Success with Rudy Miick From Rudy Miick Consulting Group

How are you cultivating and nurturing your non-profit’s ecosystem? In this week’s episode, I talk to Rudy Miick from Rudy Miick Consulting Group and we had a great flowing conversation about how non-profits need to be run like businesses. We delve into the importance of building out your vision, mission, and purpose and discuss how … Continued

Episode 15: Utilizing Your Assets To Find Your Donors With Maggie Grout From Thinking Huts

Where are your donors online? My guest today is Maggie Grout, Founder and Executive Director of Thinking Huts. Her organization’s mission is to increase global access to education through 3D printing and they are working to build the world’s first 3D-printed schoolhouse in Madagascar. Maggie is just getting started with fundraising and building awareness for … Continued

Episode 14: Stretching Your Donation To Make It Go Further with Jessica Bachus and the Kenzie Project

How do you make a donation go further? In today’s episode, I talk to Jessica Bachus about her organization, Kenzi’s Causes. We have a great chat about all the things they do to help get presents to kids. She does amazing work all over Colorado and excels at getting in contact with communities who need their … Continued

Episode 13: Activating Profit Centers with Tamra Ryan from the Women’s Bean Project

Does your nonprofit have a profit center? It’s great when you can drive toward your budget goals through donations, grants, and other “standard” nonprofit means of creating revenue. But are you missing an opportunity to deliver even more to your beneficiaries by not creating a way to charge for what you do? Today’s guest is … Continued

Episode 12: Rethinking the Value Exchange to Create Relationships Through Marketing – Rob Smariga from BSCS Science Learning

With a 60 plus year track record of delivering some REAL value to science teachers nation-wide, I was a little nervous about how I was going to bring any juice to the table during this conversation. This week, I spoke with Rob Smariga, Director of Operations and Finance, and BSCS Science Learning. These guys have … Continued

Episode 11: Creating Opportunities for Everyone to Help – Howie Hutchinson from Hope Kids

Keeping your constituents engaged is a challenge in any environment. In today’s episode of Relish This, I spoke with Howie Hutchinson about how his organization, Hope Kids, has continued to facilitate events for families with kids suffering from potentially life-threatening illnesses and keep these important support mechanisms active. One of the biggest takeaways from this episode … Continued

Episode 10: Rethinking Donations and Flowing with Trends – Eileen O’Rourke from GoFarm Colorado

On this episode of Relish This, I had a great conversation with Eileen O’Rourke, the Executive Director of GoFarm Colorado. One of the biggest takeaways from this episode is how to rethink your relationship with donors, particularly in a year when trends have changed. Eileen has seen a drop off in their “big” donor commitments … Continued

Episode 9: Understanding Your Stakeholders with the PHAA

Amazing, multi-guest show with Addie, Lynn, and Wesley from the Pre-Health Achievement Association. This crew is doing some really cool things to help underrepresented minorities pursuing careers in the medical field get paired with mentors to help guide them through the pitfalls in the industry. We chatted about a whole host of opportunities and challenges … Continued

Episode 8: Caring Starts with Connections – Ford Church from the Cottonwood Institute

Today’s guest on Relish This is Ford Church, the Executive Director at the Cottonwood Institute. Ford and his team do some really great work inspiring kids to explore and connect with nature. Their philosophy is that it’s a lot easier to get kids to care about the environment if they have a connection with it. … Continued

Episode 7: Escalating Engagements with Stacey Sanders

My guest this week on Relish This is Stacey Sanders, the Executive Director of Elevating Connections. Elevating Connections is a nonprofit here in Colorado that is on a mission to create opportunities that strengthen the connections between youth, families, and their communities. They do this primarily through events, camps, and other mechanisms that help siblings … Continued

Episode 6: Expanding the Mission – Dan Smink from C1-Partners

Super fun conversation this week with my guest, Dan Smink from C1-Partners. Dan is a kickass digital marketer who has a ton of experience both working on nonprofit Boards as well as providing assistance to Colorado nonprofits with their digital marketing activities. We talked about ways nonprofits can diversify their revenue streams, rethinking  how we … Continued

Episode 5: Global Peace Through Music – Saam Golgoon from World Music Development

Saam and his team are on a mission to promote global peace through music. Though their revenues are down this year, they have managed to keep things rolling through pivots to virtual events and getting a bit creative with outreach and fundraising efforts. We talked through ways to get kids involved with music and tools … Continued

Episode 4: Collaboration and Building Connections – Scott Segerstrom from CYCA

Yay! A new episode with Scott Segerstrom from the Colorado Youth Corps Association. Scott and I chatted about his journey to the CYCA and all the great work they are doing to help bridge the gap between Land Managers and Youth Corps here in the state. Scott faces some interesting challenges coordinating messaging and communications … Continued

Episode 3: Supply Chain and Making Adjustments – Brad Appel from Wish for Wheels

Another fun episode of Relish This! My conversation today is with Brad Appel, Executive Director of Wish for Wheels, a really great nonprofit that has a mission to provide every 2nd grader at Title 1 schools around the country a new bike and helmet to improve their mobility and health. We chatted a lot about … Continued

Episode 2: Overcoming Anxiety in Public Speaking – Margaret Watts Romney from MasterSpeaker Lab

Super informative episode of Relish This! Today, I chatted with Margaret Watts Romney, Founder of MasterSpeaker Lab. Margaret brought a ton of expertise and experience to our conversation around some of the challenges we can overcome when public speaking in any setting. Whether you are getting in front of a huge audience or addressing a … Continued

Episode 1: Engagement and Diversity – Anna Zawisza with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

What a great premiere episode of Relish This! Today, I chatted with Anna Zawisza, Chief Program Officer at Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. In addition to catching up after a fun day of volunteer work rehabilitating trails in the Mt. Evans Wilderness, we talked in more detail about how the VOC can leverage its assets to … Continued

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