Episode 7: Escalating Engagements with Stacey Sanders

My guest this week on Relish This is Stacey Sanders, the Executive Director of Elevating Connections.

Elevating Connections is a nonprofit here in Colorado that is on a mission to create opportunities that strengthen the connections between youth, families, and their communities.

They do this primarily through events, camps, and other mechanisms that help siblings who have been separated in the foster care system reconnect. It’s great stuff.

Stacey and I talked about her program, where they are hoping to go in 2021 to expand their mission to help more kids, and some of the challenges they are facing. As part of that conversation, we teased out ideas around escalating engagements, re-framing narratives, and how to reengage stakeholders with some creative marketing ideas.

This was a really fun episode and I hope you enjoy it!

Show notes and links:

Action Ask:
Reach out to someone you have missed to say ‘hi’ and tell them what you would like to do with them when you can meet up again.