Marketing is Relationship-building at Scale

At its root, marketing is relationship-building at scale. And it’s hard to effectively deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time if you don’t know where you are going.

That’s why we always start with strategy.

A “Strategy Before Tactics” approach to marketing increases your chances of success. You wouldn’t start a journey before planning your route, and that’s what Strategy FIRST will accomplish for your business – the development of a strong understanding of where you are going and the activities needed to get you there. In short, your customized roadmap to marketing success.

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Why You Need Strategy Before Tactics!

Do any of these business problems sound familiar?

  • You feel like your business has become just a commodity
  • You consistently sell to anyone and everyone
  • You struggle to stand out from your competitors
  • You’re not sure what marketing tactics to try next
  • You are attracting the wrong types of leads or clients

Once you develop a marketing strategy, your business will transform:

  • You’ll stand out in ways that make the competition irrelevant
  • You’ll attract clients that are ideal for you
  • You’ll feel confident in your business decisions
  • You’ll be able to charge a premium for your services
  • You’ll identify top profit-generating strategies and stay focused on what matters most

The solutions to the above challenges aren’t found in Web Content, Advertising, SEO, or Social Media – these are strategy problems, and they can only be addressed with strategy solutions.

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“Relish understood our needs and crafted a marketing program that definitely moved the needle. Their knowledge and expertise was invaluable and Relish understands how to create powerful, meaningful marketing plans that center on stakeholder engagement and excellent storytelling. We highly recommend Relish Studio.”
Dave Elmore, Executive Director, Paradox Sports
Dave Elmore,
Executive Director – Paradox Sports


Your customized roadmap to marketing success.

At Relish Studio, we believe that though businesses may have overlapping marketing needs, each has a unique roadmap to achieve the success they seek. That’s why we’ve created a system to help you discover your roadmap to marketing success that unlocks your full potential. Our Strategy FIRST process demystifies your ideal clients, maps out their engagement journey with your organization, and creates an execution roadmap to ensure your business stands out in your competitive marketplace.

1. Unlock Business Potential:

We begin by assessing where you are today to gain a full understanding of your current marketing strategy. Through the Total Online Presence Audit and Competitive Analysis, we establish benchmarks, pinpoint areas for improvement, and uncover new, blue-sky opportunities on which to take immediate action.

2. Uncover Ideal Client:

Next, we explore your target audiences to identify your ideal clients so you can more effectively reach them with your messaging and offers. We conduct client interviews to unearth your competitive edge, build unique client profiles, and craft a core marketing message for your target audience.

3. Map Customer Journey:

We then analyze the entire customer journey via our proprietary Marketing Hourglass technology to design a clear and actionable set of actions that guide customers from awareness through repeat business. Our referral system (which transforms word-of-mouth from a passive, reactive endeavor to one that is active and process-driven), along with an easy-to-implement plan, fuels your growth.

4. Build Execution Plan

Finally, armed with insights and data, we deliver a comprehensive action plan tailored specifically for you that makes content creation a breeze. This action plan helps develop your execution calendar, aligning your channels, content, cadence, and priorities to deliver the results you are seeking.

The Strategy FIRST Blueprint

A comprehensive marketing strategy customized to your business.


After Strategy FIRST, choose the Level of Support you need

Get the right Level of Support for Your Business – From Strategy to Guidance to Full Implementation

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Implementation Team

A dedicated team to execute your marketing plan.

#30502 Numbers_2

Fractional CMO Service

Expert strategic guidance tailored to your organization to keep your teams on track.

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Fractional CMO + Implementation Team

Expert strategic guidance and a dedicated team to execute your marketing plan.

Just a few of the businesses we’ve served:

The entire Strategy FIRST process takes about 30-45 days and involves three meetings with you and your team.

By the end of the process, we will present you with our detailed strategy analysis. This plan will give you a clear direction and help you stand out in your marketplace, including the steps required to attract your ideal clients. With this roadmap, you can leverage the most effective tactics to support your strategy.

Fee $9,500

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If, after we deliver your final presentation and recommendations, you don’t think you can use this information to improve your marketing results dramatically, simply ask for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactics?

Marketing strategy and marketing tactics are two distinct but interconnected concepts within the field of marketing. A marketing strategy refers to the overall plan and approach that a company or organization develops to achieve its long-term marketing goals. It involves defining the target market, positioning the brand, and determining the value proposition. The marketing strategy sets the direction and provides a framework for all marketing activities. On the other hand, marketing tactics are the specific actions and techniques employed to execute the marketing strategy. Tactics are more focused on the short-term and are designed to support the strategic objectives. They involve the implementation of various marketing tools and channels to reach the target audience and achieve specific marketing objectives. Examples of marketing tactics include advertising campaigns, social media promotions, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), public relations activities, and events. In summary, marketing strategy is the broader plan that outlines the company’s overall marketing goals and approach, while marketing tactics are the specific actions and methods employed to execute the strategy and achieve short-term objectives. A strong marketing strategy provides a foundation for effective marketing tactics by aligning them with the overall goals of the organization.

What is the Relish Marketing System?

The Relish Marketing System is a repeatable framework and process that helps marketers to create wins more easily for clients by focusing on “Strategy Before Tactics”. This process helps move clients to retainer engagements with a blueprint to guide the engagement.

The System has been successfully installed in 100s of businesses worldwide and relies on the diagnosis-before-prescription model to ensure that every member of the team has a strong understanding of the roadmap so the collective group can steer the organization to success.

The System sees marketing as relationship-building at scale and addresses all the stages of the customer lifecycle: Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat, and Refer.

Why is a marketing strategy important for my business?

A marketing strategy is vital for any business because it guides all marketing efforts and ensures that these efforts align with the overall business objectives. A few key reasons why a marketing strategy is important include:

    1. Clear direction and focus: A well-defined marketing strategy provides clarity on the target market, positioning, and value proposition of your business. It helps you understand your customers’ needs and preferences, and enables you to tailor your marketing messages and offerings accordingly. With a clear direction, you can concentrate your resources and efforts on the most promising opportunities and maximize your chances of success.
    2. Competitive advantage: In today’s competitive marketplace, a strong marketing strategy can give your business a competitive edge. It allows you to differentiate your brand from competitors by highlighting your unique selling points and value proposition. By identifying and capitalizing on your strengths, you can effectively communicate your brand’s value to customers, increase their perception of your business, and build customer loyalty.
    3. Efficient resource allocation: With a marketing strategy in place, you can allocate your marketing resources effectively. By understanding your target audience and their preferences, you can choose the most appropriate marketing channels, tactics, and messaging to reach them and convert them from strangers to thrilled clients. This helps optimize your marketing budget and ensures you invest in activities that have the highest potential for generating positive returns on your investment (ROI).
    4. Adaptability and flexibility: A marketing strategy provides a framework for evaluating and adapting to market changes. By regularly reviewing your strategy and monitoring market trends, you can identify new opportunities and adjust your tactics accordingly. This allows you to stay agile and responsive to changing customer needs, technological advancements, and competitive landscapes.

A marketing strategy is essential for businesses because it provides direction, helps create a competitive advantage, optimizes resource allocation, and enables adaptability in a dynamic market environment. It serves as a foundation for making informed decisions and executing effective marketing campaigns that drive business growth and success.

How can I find a marketing agency for my business?

Finding the right marketing agency for your business can positively impact your marketing success. Here are five tips to help your search:

  1. Define your goals and needs: Before starting your search for a marketing agency, clearly define your marketing goals and objectives. Determine the specific areas where you need assistance, whether it’s digital marketing, social media management, content creation, or any other marketing aspect. This will help you narrow down your options and find an agency that specializes in the areas relevant to your business.
  2. Research and evaluate: Conduct thorough research to identify potential marketing agencies that align with your needs. Look for agencies with experience in your industry or with similar businesses. Check their portfolios, case studies, and client testimonials to evaluate their expertise and track record. Consider their range of services, team expertise, industry knowledge, and client satisfaction.
  3. Consider agency size and culture: Decide whether you prefer working with a large, full-service agency or a smaller boutique agency. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. Additionally, consider the agency’s culture and values. It’s important to find an agency that shares your vision, understands your brand, and can work collaboratively with your team.
  4. Request proposals and conduct interviews: Narrow down your list to a few agencies and request proposals from them. Ask for detailed information about their strategies, processes, and how they plan to achieve your goals. Schedule interviews or meetings with the shortlisted agencies to get a better sense of their approach, communication style, and the chemistry between your teams. This will help you determine if they are a good fit for your business.
  5. Consider budget and ROI: While budget should not be the sole determining factor, it is essential to consider the financial aspect. Discuss pricing models, contract terms, and the expected return on investment (ROI) with the agencies. Look for an agency that can provide a balance between quality services and cost-effectiveness. Remember that investing in the right agency can yield long-term benefits for your business.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to find a marketing agency that understands your business, aligns with your goals, and can help drive your marketing success.

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