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The 1-3-1 Approach to Problem Solving

How do you encourage your team to bring solutions to the table rather than simply bringing problems? I was recently introduced to the 1-3-1 approach and it is a winner. Instead of having your team present problems, ask them to change their approach. If they are experiencing a challenge or problem, ask them to present … Continued

e you sent depicts a close-up view of wood pellets that are on fire, with flames dancing above them

Reframing Challenges as Opportunities: Mindset shifts to create positivity

Last night, our pellet stove started acting up. I ran through some troubleshooting and thought I had it resolved by about 11:00. When I woke up at 4:00, it wasn’t working. And our wee cabin was CHILLY. So I started working on it again. I could have gotten frustrated or angry. But I made sure … Continued

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Turn “Word of Mouth” into a Scalable Referral Machine

I saw a post today about how referrals don’t scale. Though I certainly agree that relying on “hope” for referrals is not particularly scalable, I do think that there’s a lot of referral opportunity left on the table when it comes to supercharging your referral mechanism. If you create a referral system that leverages proactive, … Continued

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How to Improve Your Site Speed

Looking for a quick marketing win this week? Improve your WordPress site’s performance. Site load time has become one of the key metrics search engines (*cough* Google) use to rank sites in the search results. You can check your performance metrics by opening Chrome, loading an incognito tab (Command+Shift+N on a Mac), browsing your site, … Continued

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What’s Your Zone of Genius? An evening with Gay Hendricks and Conscious Entrepreneurs

Big shout out to the team at Conscious Entrepreneur for the fantastic talk yesterday featuring Gay Hendricks. This was a very much last-minute opportunity for me and I’m happy Alejo Lopez posted about it so I could clear my schedule and join in the learning and love. I have read several of Gay’s books and … Continued

An employee leaving his office

Turning Off Your Work Brain: Tips for transitioning from work to life

I recently saw a conversation here on LinkedIn about tips to turn off your worker’s brain and move into the non-work phase of your life each day. This is a particular challenge for those who work at home and don’t have the natural buffer created by a commute. Here are a couple of tips that … Continued

Get Better Engagement on LinkedIn

What are your top, LinkedIn tips? Clients ask about my activities on LinkedIn and what works best on the platform all the time and have done a LOT of learning about the channel over the last few years. Here are just a few LinkedIn tips I’ve picked up. Here are a few general tips: Get … Continued

A skier braving through the snow.

Planning and Focus in Marketing: Look where you want to go

Look at the tree, hit the tree. When I was first trying to get good at telemark skiing, a good buddy of mine, Luke Miller, was kind enough to show me the ropes. In addition to a LOT of great drills that helped keep my form in check, we worked on two vision exercises that … Continued

Stu riding through the wilderness

Master of none: Picking your passion

In 1999, I decided it would be fun to race downhill mountain bikes. Simultaneously, I signed up for a 100-mile cross-country race. This seemed like a good idea at the time. Let me tell you… it wasn’t. See, downhill races are fast affairs that require focus and bursts of energy. They rarely last longer than … Continued

Stu on a mountain bike riding in the forest

Athletics and Business

  I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the intersection of passions and how we can leverage one set of experiences to positively affect another set of circumstances. Take the intersection of competitive athletics and business. In my time, I’ve been a competitive athlete in a number of disciplines: Road cycling, marathons, ultra-running, cross-country mountain … Continued

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