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A motion-blurred runner outdoors, emphasizing speed and fitness training.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: Goalsetting and Commitment

In 2010, I ran the Leadville 100, finishing in just under 25 hours (24:42:40.9 to be precise). This was a multi-year journey that started in 2006 when I decided to take up the challenge of finishing a 100-mile running race. Some might say that this goal was fairly misguided. When I first decided to give … Continued

A person working at a white table with a laptop, notebook, and coffee.

The Best Way to Use AI to Create Content

The decline of search engine performance is real. The influx of AI-generated content is flooding the web with new material – much of it lacking a lot of value for real users. And the search engines are having a tough time keeping up. This is why we believe strongly that one should leverage AI as … Continued

Two individuals at a checkout counter, one facing away from the camera wearing a dark top and an orange scarf, and the other standing behind the counter in a white shirt with a payment terminal.

Leverage Customer Reviews to Build Your Target Avatar

Customer interviews are just one of the ways we gain insight into our clients’ performance and the “why” behind what motivates their audience to engage. When interviews aren’t an option, we turn to reviews to get a better understanding of their audience preferences, challenges, and outcomes in order to help formulate persona profiles. One of … Continued

A skier in bright red and yellow attire skiing down a snowy slope.

Seek Out Joy and You Will Find It

Last year, I started a new challenge: to select one new habit to form every quarter. I’ve found that it takes 90 days of concerted attention to form a new habit, and I have had pretty solid success with this practice. This quarter, I have been focusing attention on growing my joy and sparking joy … Continued

A skier in mid-action, wearing a yellow jacket and black pants, soaring through the air during a jump.

Find Your Zone of Genius

Recently, I was on a call with Clark Vautier. We were supposed to be talking about business stuff but, as often occurs while talking with Clark, our conversation devolved into our mutual love of climbing mountains, outdoor adventures, and, well… LIFE. We are aligned on the idea that one’s business should fuel *living* and when … Continued

A hand holding up a clear, unlit light bulb against a sky background.

Save Time and Money with this AI Marketing Tool

After much hard work, Bret finished our first release of our new, marketing tool, the Online Brand Manager. If you are looking for ways to improve your marketing, get new ideas for growing your business, and save yourself and your team a lot of time, check this out. It’s a marketing ideation tool that speeds … Continued

Man wearing a hat and green shirt doing rock climbing.

To Get Great at Anything, You Have to Commit

I remember when I first started climbing. At the time, I was a fairly accomplished, sponsored road and mountain cyclist and worked at a catalog company that sold high-end bike stuff. My days were COMPLETELY taken up by all things bike. I rode to work. Thought about, talked about, wrote about, and designed ads and … Continued

Singletrack Trail

VoyageDenver Interview

I was recently asked to chat with the team at VoyageDenver about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. It’s always fun to help others understand that the entrepreneurial journey is rarely a straight line. Mine has featured a variety of diversions from the main path… some which reconnected, others that turned out to be … Continued

A person walking on a fallen log in a serene forest, illustrating the balance and connection between humans and nature.

Navigating the Work/Life Balance and Transitioning Between the Two

I recently saw a conversation here on LinkedIn about tips to turn off your worker’s brain and move into the non-work phase of your life each day. This is a particular challenge for those who work at home and don’t have the natural buffer created by a commute. Here are a couple of tips that … Continued

A skilled cyclist performing a daring stunt at night on a city street.

Try Something New

When was the last time you tried something new? I have never been great at wheelies – the number one most fun thing to do on a bike, according to my buddy, Russell (number two is skidding and number three is coasting – so you probably have a pretty good understanding of how Russell rolls … Continued

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