Special Episode: Get Control Of Your ROI To Improve Your Organization’s Performance With Tim Sarrantonio from NeonOne

My guest today is Tim Sarrantonio, Head of Partnerships and Business at NeonOne. Tim is a veritable font of knowledge about the nonprofit space and NeonOne is a really amazing resource for nonprofits looking to supercharge their ability to reach, connect with, and engage their stakeholders. (Just like I wrote about in my book, Mission … Continued

Episode 39: Develop Your Organization’s Culture To Further Your Mission With The Apollo Foundation

Culture is an important ingredient in every business—and it’s an area that sometimes gets overlooked in the nonprofit space. After all, nonprofits are steeped in the culture of philanthropy and altruism, right? There’s more to creating a great culture than just assuming all of your stakeholders will be aligned because you give back. Today’s show … Continued

The “Supposed To” Trap

The “Supposed To” Trap

Are you using data to your advantage to make informed marketing decisions? Or are you marketing because you are “supposed to?” We recently engaged with a client whose site has decent traffic. They were paying to show ads to previous site visitors—retargeting—to try to get them to come back. Sounds pretty standard, right? Well, once … Continued

Certified Marketing Consultants Through Duct Tape Marketing

What Our New Duct Tape Marketing Certification Means to Our Clients At  Relish Studio  we are dedicated to taking marketing decisions, strategy, and tactics off our clients’ plates, so they’re free to make the big decisions that lead to growth and long-term success. To further support that dedication and fulfill one of our core values … Continued

Bill Woolf - Founder of the Space Force Association

Episode 38: Bring Stakeholders In Early And Engage Them Ongoing with Bill Woolf From The Space Force Association

I had a super-fun conversation on Relish This today with Bill Woolf, Founder and President of Space Force Association. The SFA is helping to build awareness around the importance of having a strong, protective presence as more and more starts to happen outside of earth’s atmosphere. Bill and I talked about ways to engage people … Continued

A man looking at his reflection in the glass window

Unhelpful Judgements

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been tracking my unhelpful judgements. It’s been interesting, and sometimes eye-opening, experience. It’s helped me identify bias, and shine a light on areas where I know I have an opportunity to live a better life. Two items of particular interest I thought would be worth sharing: First, … Continued

Episode 37: Stand Out And Improve Engagement By Having A Real Conversation With Emily Taylor From Teeny Big

How do you stand out in a sea of communication? On this week’s episode of Relish This, I had a fun conversation with Emily Taylor. She’s the Principal of Teeny Big, an organization that focuses on turning lackluster partners into passionate supporters. Emily works a lot with the Audience Engagement Cycle—or what they call a … Continued

An empty road surrounded by trees with fog.

On a road to nowhere

Do you sometimes feel like you can never win—like no matter how hard you work, someone keeps moving the finish line? Growth-focused leaders often feel this way. As driven individuals, we tend to be overly critical about how things are going, or about the results that a certain project achieved. This is because aspirational people … Continued

Cross the Finish Line

Improve Donation Conversion with a Value Proposition Statement

Want to improve your donation conversions? Experience demonstrates that, for many organizations, adding some copy to your donation pages can improve your conversion rates. You see, unlike for-profit organizations, nonprofits have to battle friction throughout the donation process. The donor has to not only decide whether to give to your organization (rather than a different … Continued

Keegan Guizard - Executive Director - College Skateboarding Educational Foundation

Episode 36: Creating Experiences To Drive Donor Engagement With Keegan Guizard From College Skateboards

How are you enriching your stakeholders’ experience? On this week’s episode of Relish This, we talk to Keegan Guizard. Keegan is on the Board of the  College Skateboarding Educational Foundation, an organization that helps get skaters college scholarships. You’d be forgiven for thinking there was no real-world application for pushing your boundaries in competitive and … Continued