Episode 52: Build Trusting Relationships With Core Donors To Get The Job Done Right With Greg Hodgin from Peacebuilding Solutions

Are you cultivating trust with your core stakeholders? On this week’s episode, we talk to Greg Hodgin, Founder and Executive Director of Peacebuilding Solutions. Peacebuilding Solutions builds success from a platform rooted in solid research. Their teams embed in areas affected by war and crisis and spend time learning and understanding—not assuming—their stakeholders’ needs. Their … Continued

Structured Data: Speaking the Language of SEO

Structured Data: Speaking the Language of SEO

In the world of search engines and Google, where your website ranks and how it displays can have a huge impact on the incoming traffic volume for your site. The average click-through rate for the first Google desktop search results is 32 percent. And for mobile sites, the click-through rate for the top-ranking search result … Continued

Episode 51: Tackling Diversity and Inclusion In Your Nonprofit with Mitsu Iwasaki from The American Alpine Club

On this week’s episode, we talk to Mitsu Iwasaki, the Executive Director of the American Alpine Club. This organization spent more than 100 years promoting and celebrating mountain climbing and alpine adventure communities and their achievements. Mitsu and I share a passion for the outdoors—for climbing, skilling, and the thrill of reaching any pinnacle. So … Continued

Avoid the Perfection Perspective

Avoid the Perfection Perspective

Missing goals is a drag. From business, to personal, to physical… I have missed a LOT of goals I have set for myself over the years. Some of these misses stemmed from setting unreasonable goals in the first place. (Did I really expect to run 100 miles without the guidance from a coach the first … Continued

Ep 50: Creating success at the intersection between marketing and communications with Ashley Desrosiers and John Russo from Seaside Sustainability.

If you’re a long-time listener, you may remember when we talked with Eric Magers, the Executive Director of Seaside Sustainability a few months ago.  At the time we had a great discussion about Seaside’s unique perspective around stakeholder engagement to drive their mission.  There was SO much good information in that episode, but we barely … Continued

Episode 49: How to Live Your Best Life

Episode 49: How to Live Your Best Life with David Shurna From No Barriers

Here’s a question that most of us don’t take time to ask: Are you living your best life? On this week’s episode, I talked with David Shurna, one of the Co-Founders of NoBarriers, a nonprofit organization that helps people of all types do exactly that — live their best lives. They have an incredible process … Continued

You Don’t Need Another Tool

Here’s some hard truth this morning: You don’t need another tool. Did you catch that? You. Don’t. Need. Another. Tool. Look, we all love dreaming about the success that will come from a new sales funnel platform, or an email automation tool, or some other new widget that promises to deliver results “in 30 days … Continued

Episode 48: How to Run Your Organization Like a For-Profit

Episode 48: How to Run Your Organization Like a For-Profit with Sherry Manning from Global Seed Savers

Profits or revenue… What’s your organization’s focus? If you can’t answer that question, perhaps you’ll enjoy this week’s episode of Relish This. I had a great, all-encompassing conversation with Sherry Manning, the US Executive Director of Global Seed Savers. They are a really cool organization that helps farmers stockpile and diversify their seed stock to … Continued

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The Marketing “Cost Trap”: How to make better investments

Every organization should be focused on the bottom line when looking at investment in marketing. Purpose-driven companies are no exception. Because they put so much effort into creating with intention, leaders of these organizations want to see their efforts reflected through a solid, measurable return on their marketing investment. Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, marketing often … Continued

Episode 47: How Franchise Ownership Can Fund Aspirational and Philanthropic Dreams with David Weaver from Franchoice

Here’s an episode that is a little off the beaten track. Today I talked with David Weaver, a representative of Franchoice, a for-profit company that helps people buy franchises. I wanted to have David on because he provides a unique perspective on the opportunities that business or franchise ownership can provide. He’s been around the … Continued