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Problem Solvers Create Problems

Do you self-identify as a problem solver? Most eager, aspirational leaders do. But here’s something interesting about calling yourself a problem-solver. It puts you in the awkward position of seeing EVERYTHING as a problem in need of fixing. I used to fit this bill to a t. The world was broken and only I could … Continued

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Marketing Blue Sky: A little better is better than nothing

There’s an old story/joke about being chased by a bear. The punch line goes something like this… “I don’t have to be the fastest. I just have to be faster than one of you.” And that idea plays pretty well in the marketing world as well. We all want to be first. To do things … Continued

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Impermanence in Marketing – How to create longevity in your messaging

Lately, I’ve been pondering the idea of impermanence and how we have become a “throw-away” society. Everything from clothing to containers to content has become disposable. Use it once and toss it in the garbage. As a lifelong environmentalist and someone who tries to extend the lifespan and “value” of pretty much everything I use … Continued

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BEing Shifts Create Opportunities

I used to get angry when I would see trash in the woods. Then I realized the only person that was being harmed by that reaction was me. So I made a decision to just be happy that I get to make the woods more beautiful by picking trash up when I see it. See, … Continued

Dissolving the What Ifs: Where judgment is holding you back

Back in the 80s and early 90s, I raced road bikes. Sean Kelly was a big inspiration for me and he was well known as a very tough rider – especially in the notoriously rigorous Spring Classics. To this day, I recall his philosophy on training and how to know whether or not it’s too … Continued

Don’t Fear Change: You can always go back

Over the next several days, I will post 1 BIG mindset shift you can make to improve your life (business AND personal). These will all be quick, actionable changes you can make TODAY that will help you level up in one way or another. How do I know? Because they have worked for me (and … Continued

Done Is Better Than Perfect

Here’s today’s #mindset shift on which you can take action NOW. Stop worrying about getting things “right”. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “Done is better than perfect.” In today’s world, change is inevitable, so (even if “perfection” was attainable, which it really isn’t), after you have taken the time to get to something … Continued

Celebrating Progress

Today’s #mindsetshift: Take time to celebrate how far you have come rather than always looking at how far you have to go. Aspirational go-getters ALWAYS have a long “to-do” list. And often, that list – and how quickly it can grow – can be daunting. So, the next time you find yourself lamenting how much … Continued

David captures a fearless moment as Stu conquers the rocky road on his bike.

Your Best Is All You Can Ever Do

Last place. Being the caboose can sometimes be a lonely zone to inhabit, and last night, I dominated that position on the weekly ride I attend with my friends. And I loved it. Just being out in the woods, among friends, doing silly things (last night we all rocked jorts… a particularly goofy look) can … Continued

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Three Tactics to Better Understand What Motivates Your Audience

What motivates you may not motivate your target audience. This goes for your clients AND your team. I was talking with a CEO the other day who was struggling to motivate her team. “I’ve tried everything to get my team energized. Even doubled their time off and incentivized them with MORE time off if they … Continued

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