You’ll Never Be Here Again

A spiral galaxy with bright arms and a luminous core, set against the dark expanse of outer space.

Have you ever considered that you can never be “here” again?

We are all, collectively and individually… hurtling through space.

And we will never be “here” again.

Even if you zoom into a time and place and think, “It’s ok. I can come back here again someday,” you really can not.

See, you will be a different person the next time you arrive in that particular spot.

The experiences that you have had will have changed. So, you will be a different person. And your relationship to that place will, therefore, be different.

Consider the idea that every moment is unique.

After all, you have never been “here” before.

You also can engage with each moment as you choose. You can be pleased, annoyed, content, or even neutral. You can view each moment from the perspective of your choosing.

This allows you to create your relationship with each moment however you see fit.

So the next time you feel bored, frustrated, dissatisfied with where you are…

Remember that you have never been “here” before.

And will never be “here” again.

How do you navigate through the ever-changing “here”? Let us know by dropping us a line!