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Alert speaker to broadcast sound

Developing a Brand Voice: Branding doesn’t stop with your logo

I just got off a webinar about social where the question, “If you were to cover up your logo, would people still recognize your brand?” SUCH a great question. Brand is more than just your logo, color palette, and typefaces. Your brand VOICE is important as well. Creating consistency in your tone, the language you … Continued

A welder doing his work.

How to BE vs. How to DO

Most fellas love tools. We collect and organize them and more often than not fail to use them correctly (or sometimes ever). Look in most garages or sheds and you’ll find a whole host of tools purchased at one time after much consternation and research only to be left to rust and gather dust. (The … Continued

You Don’t Need Another Tool

Here’s some hard truth this morning: You don’t need another tool. Did you catch that? You. Don’t. Need. Another. Tool. Look, we all love dreaming about the success that will come from a new sales funnel platform, or an email automation tool, or some other new widget that promises to deliver results “in 30 days … Continued

Looking Beyond the Facade: Why Your Company Needs an Effective Website

  Effective Websites Are More Than Just Pretty Wrapping Clients who approach us in search of an effective website tend to wonder if and how the field of web design has changed. They desire an answer to this question: “Why can’t we use in-house techies to create a new front page for the site and just move things around a little?” Or, … Continued

Restaurant Branding - The Fish Project

Restaurant Branding: Get Your Kitchen Cooking

Follow this advice to make sure your restaurant brand attracts your target audience and stands out in your marketplace. Planning your restaurant branding project: Whether you are launching a new restaurant brand or are seeking to freshen up your current look, engaging an agency that understands branding services is an important first step in getting … Continued

Content Goes Here

You’ve spent the last several months creating the world’s most fantastic website. Great design, sophisticated code, cutting-edge css, and a fancy content management system – your new website is a platform ready to offer up the most exciting and insightful bits of information known to man. Congratulations! Except… As every one of our clients has … Continued

Data Visualization in Mapping

At Relish, we love data visualization. I also have a personal affinity for linguistics and cultural differences between seeemingly similar population groups. (Probably my inner Sociology major showing through.) That’s why we spent quite a bit of time reviewing these interesting maps of the United States and how different ways of speaking are represented across … Continued

The Power of “The Good Idea”

Social media is taking the power away from money and giving it to “the good ideas” and those who posses them. In the past, the only way to bring attention to your brand was to spend a shit-ton of money developing marketing and brand campaigns and then paying even more for ad-space and media-buys to … Continued

Design in all its forms

We love to see innovation and design in all its forms. Particularly when designers appeal to a breadth of considerations above and beyond pure aesthetics. Good design takes into account single pain points, desires or needs. Great designs eclipse any single category and work on multiple levels. Take, for example, the square Coke bottle designed … Continued

Fort Worth Opera Don Giovanni

This broadcast spot was created to support the new season at the Fort Worth Opera. A wink to Coco on this one. Having fun with a traditionally stuffy subject to bring a younger audience to the festival. Relish made creative use of limited budget to produce a spot that will bring in traditional opera fans, and encourage new ones to attend. Thanks to Neil Scanlan – writer.

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