Data Visualization in Mapping

At Relish, we love data visualization. I also have a personal affinity for linguistics and cultural differences between seeemingly similar population groups. (Probably my inner Sociology major showing through.) That’s why we spent quite a bit of time reviewing these interesting maps of the United States and how different ways of speaking are represented across the nation.

Data Visualization Mapping of Language Use in the U.S.

Whether you say “soda” or “pop” (or, like in the South, call everything “Coke” as in, “What kinda Coke do you want? Orange or Root Beer?”) it is always interesting to see how not only our accents but our way of phrasing or pronouncing different words can say much more about us than we realize. Data visualization and the choices one makes when presenting information can have similar unintended consequences. Color choices, how to manage transitions, typefaces… all of these elements come together to wrap the language you use when getting your message across. What does your way of speaking say about you?