To Get Great at Sales, Expect Nothing Back

Jacob Pegs had an interesting point in one of his recent posts. “Expect nothing back.” Leading with pure altruism is something that everyone can do. It demonstrates a willingness to share your expertise and a desire to simply help – without strings attached. In sales, this is often framed as “divesting oneself from the outcomes,” … Continued

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Missing Your Goals Isn’t Failure

There’s a saying in skiing… If you aren’t falling down once in awhile, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. The same holds true in pretty much every part of your life. If you are achieving all your goals, you’re not aiming high enough. Growth happens when we fall. And missing your goals isn’t “failure”. It’s … Continued

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Supercharge Your Testimonials with Headshots

Want to make your awesome testimonials even awesome-er? (Yeah, I know… not a word.) Add headshots to the testimonials you post to your site to improve their performance. People love the social proof testimonials provide. And they also like to see real people attached to the glowing reviews they leave for your organization. So, whenever … Continued

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The 1-3-1 Approach to Problem Solving

How do you encourage your team to bring solutions to the table rather than simply bringing problems? I was recently introduced to the 1-3-1 approach and it is a winner. Instead of having your team present problems, ask them to change their approach. If they are experiencing a challenge or problem, ask them to present … Continued

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Turn “Word of Mouth” into a Scalable Referral Machine

I saw a post today about how referrals don’t scale. Though I certainly agree that relying on “hope” for referrals is not particularly scalable, I do think that there’s a lot of referral opportunity left on the table when it comes to supercharging your referral mechanism. If you create a referral system that leverages proactive, … Continued

Grow your business through investment

The Power of Hub Pages

We’ve spoken before about the power of hub pages and continue to see the benefit for your business as valuable materials to support the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST phases of your buyers’ journey. Focused on a single topic, hub pages become a foundational source for readers and potential clients, providing a bounty of information to … Continued

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Impermanence in Marketing – How to create longevity in your messaging

Lately, I’ve been pondering the idea of impermanence and how we have become a “throw-away” society. Everything from clothing to containers to content has become disposable. Use it once and toss it in the garbage. As a lifelong environmentalist and someone who tries to extend the lifespan and “value” of pretty much everything I use … Continued

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Provide Value to Drive Sales

For those who dislike sales, here’s some food for thought. Sales cycles are funny. I’ve landed deals on my first conversation with a client and have stayed in touch with others for years before having them decide to work with me. In each case, I have tried to remember one thing… my job is to … Continued

AI Robot

AI for SEO: ChatGPT is your co-pilot

How is #AI going to change #SEO? I’m sitting in on a great discussion about SEO hosted by WP Engine with John Hessinger, Steffan Kasula, Carmen Domínguez, and Benjamin Rojas. A few takeaways… AI is a tool. It’s not going to produce “final” content that will produce great outcomes if you try using it that way (check out discussions about #EEAT for more). AI will help … Continued

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Persona Development Tip

It’s probably a disservice that persona development usually starts with demographics (and, unfortunately for many, ends there as well). You are spot on that more needs to be explored to create a persona/avatar that is actually helpful for your organization. Here’s what I would recommend for everyone working to try to gain some insights into … Continued

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