Start with Strategy

I’d be the first to admit that Relish started without a real plan.

Nearly 16 years ago, four fellas came together with a shared passion for helping others achieve greatness and an aptitude for marketing to create Relish Studio.

We didn’t have a solid mission. We didn’t discuss core values. We didn’t start with strategy.

And (at least since I am still talking about Relish today), that seems to have worked.

However, managing to get somewhere is not the ideal way to run a business.

We have meandered far and wide during the last 16 years.

Had we started with strategy, we might have gotten here a lot faster.

See, starting with strategy creates a roadmap for your success.

Sure, you’ll change direction along your journey (and that’s why we recommend revisiting your “Why” on a regular basis).

But when you start with strategy, you have a much greater chance to get where you are hoping to go.

Most of us wouldn’t start a road trip without a destination in mind and a plan for how to get there.

Why would you run your business without a plan?

Here’s the deal…

It’s not too late to revisit your strategy.

If you are starting something new or feel stuck in the breakdown lane with your current business, give us a shout.

Strategy First is the ideal way to get going. But Strategy Now is a close second.

Did you start with a strategy for your business? Please share your opinion by giving us a shout.