Aspect Ratio History in Film

An acquaintance once quipped, “Letterboxing is bogus. They just cut off the top and bottom of the screen so you can see less.” Clearly, this interpretation of the modern screen dimension process is incorrect. But how did we get to the wide-aspect of cinema today? Turns out the history behind how we evolved from the … Continued

Media in the 21st Century

This TED video by Clay Shirky really stands on its own. It is a great analysis of media, how it has changed over time and how content providers of every type need to fully understand how the new, social web changes the game. How has your discussion changed in the era of social media? [ted … Continued

Fort Worth Opera Don Giovanni

This broadcast spot was created to support the new season at the Fort Worth Opera. A wink to Coco on this one. Having fun with a traditionally stuffy subject to bring a younger audience to the festival. Relish made creative use of limited budget to produce a spot that will bring in traditional opera fans, and encourage new ones to attend. Thanks to Neil Scanlan – writer.

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