To Get Great at Sales, Expect Nothing Back

Jacob Pegs had an interesting point in one of his recent posts. “Expect nothing back.” Leading with pure altruism is something that everyone can do. It demonstrates a willingness to share your expertise and a desire to simply help – without strings attached. In sales, this is often framed as “divesting oneself from the outcomes,” … Continued

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Turn “Word of Mouth” into a Scalable Referral Machine

I saw a post today about how referrals don’t scale. Though I certainly agree that relying on “hope” for referrals is not particularly scalable, I do think that there’s a lot of referral opportunity left on the table when it comes to supercharging your referral mechanism. If you create a referral system that leverages proactive, … Continued

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Provide Value to Drive Sales

For those who dislike sales, here’s some food for thought. Sales cycles are funny. I’ve landed deals on my first conversation with a client and have stayed in touch with others for years before having them decide to work with me. In each case, I have tried to remember one thing… my job is to … Continued

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