Two men leaning in and engaging in a conversation

Lean in to difficult conversations

Difficult conversations are… Well, difficult. But dancing around the elephant in the room doesn’t make it go away. Yesterday, I was approached by a client with a humdinger of a challenge. They’d been working on a site with another vendor for a year. A deadline was looming and there were still a LOT of problems … Continued

Red and blue arrow signs surrounded by trees.

Get Off Your Soapbox Already

One of the biggest problems with social media? The temptation to use tools like Facebook and Instagram—and yes, they really can be tools—as one-way platforms. Many organizations use them as a soapbox to talk to their audiences, not with them. It’s easy to take to your social media outreach and use it as a place … Continued

When to post to LinkedIn

How much is too much? How often to post to LinkedIn

“Could posting to LinkedIn multiple times per day actually hurt performance?” This was the question running through my mind earlier this week when I had a second idea of the day I wanted to share. So I reached out to a LinkedIn expert who, well… was reluctant to answer. Not because they weren’t sure, but … Continued

Hashtag sign

Hashtags and LinkedIn: A How-to

In 2018, LinkedIn introduced the ability for users to leverage hashtags to better navigate and categorize the content. Since then it has become easier to search and find relevant and informative materials on the platform. However, without a proper understanding of hashtags and their use, your posts could wind up lost in a sea of … Continued

Lightbulb ideas

Social Pro Tip: Create a link page as your social profile link to promote more than one

Here’s a quick tip you can deploy TODAY to provide more opportunities to connect with your audience through Social Media. Create a links list page. Many social platforms like Instagram only allow you a single link from your profile. But what if you have more to promote than just your homepage? Most of us have … Continued

Marketing compleity

Use Niche Social Media Networks to Supercharge Your Digital Marketing

Tired of the endless surveys, analysis, and segmentation needed to identify the niche audience that will want to buy your unique product? Fear not – niche networks are here, and they make your job a million times easier. For decades, people have looked to share experiences and interests with others who are like them. First … Continued

Social Media Likes

Facebook and Instagram Experiment with Removing Likes

With a new focus on the impact of social media on mental health, Facebook and Instagram are testing out hiding “likes” on some posts on US accounts. With the new feature, instead of saying “Jane Smith and 17 others liked this,” the blurb under each post will simply read “Jane Smith and others.” Like numbers … Continued

Chat Apps

Chat App Tips: Create Personal Connections with your Fans

Email newsletters and social media are a digital marketer’s bread and butter, but recently chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have been getting increasingly popular for engaging with customers. Of the hundreds of messaging apps available, the leader, hands down (at least when this post was written), is WhatsApp with 1.5 billion monthly active … Continued

Social Media for Your Business

Do You Really Need Social Media for Your Business?

As a new business owner, you’ve been told social media for business is critical for your success. But with all the other things on your plate, do you really need social media for your business? The short answer is yes – consider this: Nielsen reports that 80 percent of corporations are using social media to … Continued

4 Ways Strike Up a Conversation using Twitter for Business

Are your tweets going unnoticed to your followers? You’re not alone. As a business owner crunched for time, running a successful social media campaign can be a challenge. Twitter’s value comes not merely in the number of followers you have, but by how engaged your followers are with your handle. Here are a few ideas … Continued