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The Trouble with Cold Email

I had someone get upset with me the other day. They sent me a cold email to which I didn’t respond. The service they provide wasn’t anywhere close to anything I might have needed. It was clearly just spam, so I ignored it. And, apparently, that didn’t sit well with them. I found that approach … Continued

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One Thing – Email Marketing Tip That Works

Here’s an email marketing tip we have been using these last few months that is really reaping results: Focus on ONE THING in your correspondence. In the past, we (like many people out there) created complex newsletters and “content-rich” correspondence for our audience. We fretted over the tone, mix of materials, how to work in … Continued

Two-way road to segment vehicles

Divide & Conquer: How to Use Email List Segments

According to a recent Hubspot survey, email marketing is still the dominant vehicle for ongoing customer communications. As you might imagine, in the last few years, email has outpaced phone calls, physical mail, and in-store promotions by a landslide. With many businesses converting to online sales and remote work, this trend makes a ton of … Continued

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Are your emails getting flagged as SPAM? Three tips to get out of SPAM hell.

Are your emails getting blocked by SPAM filters causing you to miss opportunities to connect with your most ardent fans and make sales? You aren’t alone. Read on for tips on how to extract yourself from SPAM hell… _____________ You have created an amazing email that you want to send out to your mailing lists. … Continued

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