The Trouble with Cold Email

I had someone get upset with me the other day.

They sent me a cold email to which I didn’t respond.

The service they provide wasn’t anywhere close to anything I might have needed. It was clearly just spam, so I ignored it.

And, apparently, that didn’t sit well with them.

I found that approach to be actually quite amusing but it reminded me of something that I talk a lot about with clients.

Marketing is all about relationship-building.

And just like rushing up to the first attractive person you see and asking them to marry you rarely works, one should put in some time up-front with prospects before rushing to pitch them services.

Be inquisitive. Be curious. Be patient.

Find out if I actually AM a candidate for your offering before pitching me an offer.

If you get to know your prospects a bit, you might discover that even though they aren’t interested, they might know someone who could be.

Getting mad at them for not responding to your marriage proposal is just silly.