Are your emails getting flagged as SPAM? Three tips to get out of SPAM hell.

Are your emails getting blocked by SPAM filters causing you to miss opportunities to connect with your most ardent fans and make sales? You aren’t alone. Read on for tips on how to extract yourself from SPAM hell… _____________ You have created an amazing email that you want to send out to your mailing lists. … Continued

Responsive Design across a variety of digital devices

Optimizing for Mobile: The (No Longer) New Web Experience

One of the challenges we see time and time again – particularly with small business and nonprofit-sector sites – is a continued lack of attention spent to mobile optimization. Nearly 5 years after Google rolled out Mobilegeddon – the algorithm change that recommended all sites be revamped to be “mobile friendly” – we continue to … Continued

WordPress Security Basics to Keep Your Site Safe

“Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption, and secure access devices and it’s money wasted because none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain: the people who use, administer, operate and account for computer systems that contain protected information. ” Kevin Mitnick, Security researcher, notable hacker Security is a myth, … Continued

The Way of Running - Website preview

Relish Builds New Website for The Way of Running

Relish worked with Art Ives, one of Colorado’s premiere running coaches, on his new website, The Way of Running. We helped Art develop a strategy around his on- and off-line practices, identify his target audiences, updated his branding, and put together a re-imagined website tailored to engage with his clients and enable them to get a strong understanding … Continued

10 Steps to Creating the Perfect Landing Page for Conversion Optimization

If you engage in inbound marketing, chances are your website is at the core of your efforts. More specifically, you will likely build a variety of landing pages on which your visitors land. Ideally, these landing pages are centered around a lead-generating form that helps you capture interested visitors and nurture them toward becoming customers. But … Continued

Outdated websites need upgrades for mobile friendly and SEO.

Ask a Web Developer: Do I Need to Invest in My Local Business Website?

If you run a business that needs no customers, you can stop reading (and email me what that wonderful, magical business is). Or if your local business already has a highly tuned online presence and is killing it for local search, you can stop reading (and email me your URL – if you’re that good at … Continued

Flashy Things

Creating a Business Website: “Can You Make It More Flashy and Animated?”

There are over a billion websites — that’s a lot of freaking websites. If you visited one website every second, it’d take you around 32 years to see them all (1 billion seconds is 31.71 years). With that many websites, it’s no wonder why many people and businesses want to make their website stand out in … Continued

Ask a Web Developer: Do I Need a Content Management System?

When speaking with potential clients looking for website design and web development, I often get the question, “Do I really need a content management system?” And 99% of the time, the answer is “Yes. Yes you do.” Before I break down the benefits of a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, let’s establish a definition.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Websites: Difference Between Friendly and Responsive

In this day and age, the chance that your website’s mobile traffic is zero is zero. At least someone is viewing your website on a smartphone. Even if mobile traffic accounts for only 1% of your total website traffic, part of that 1% could be a busy executive with a huge budget ready to spend … Continued

Top Development Skills to Look For in a Creative Agency

Chances are if you’re looking for something creative to be done online, it should not only have to look awesome, it should also function. When you’re evaluating creative agencies in Denver, don’t focus all your attention on which one has the most beautiful Photoshop and Illustrator designs. Rather, make note of which creative agencies have … Continued