Relish Builds New Website for The Way of Running

The Way of Running - Website preview
Relish worked with Art Ives, one of Colorado’s premiere running coaches, on his new website, The Way of Running. We helped Art develop a strategy around his on- and off-line practices, identify his target audiences, updated his branding, and put together a re-imagined website tailored to engage with his clients and enable them to get a strong understanding of his approach and the variety of service opportunities he provides to those seeking to run their best. The updated, responsive website features conversion-focused mechanisms to not only nurture visitors through Art’s sales systems, but provides opportunities to keep up with new information, activities, and events in Art’s practice.

“The biggest comfort I’ve gotten from working with Stu and Bret so far is their communication. It’s easy to tell that they listen with curiosity, both in person and online. Their intent is always to understand me and my business rather than jump in on any of my sentences to save me from actually finishing them. Instead, they wait, so I have to express everything I know and the points that I do manage to get out are never lost or altered in transit. Of course a small business needs much more than just an empathetic ear. I think their ability to accurately interpret what was behind my digital marketing problems might be the single biggest reason we’ve made such rapid progress in systematically solving them.

In less than two months I got a beautiful new website that I can take pride in and a detailed road map for how to use it!” – Art Ives

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