One Thing – Email Marketing Tip That Works

One Marketing Tip That Works

Here’s an email marketing tip we have been using these last few months that is really reaping results:

Focus on ONE THING in your correspondence.

In the past, we (like many people out there) created complex newsletters and “content-rich” correspondence for our audience. We fretted over the tone, mix of materials, how to work in offers and action items, and ways to pretty the whole thing up with graphics and photos.

Then we made a switch.

We started stripping all extraneous material out of our emails to focus each delivery on ONE THING. And we started hearing from people how much they love our content.

Now, instead of compiling a whole mish-mash of information into a single email that requires people to decide what they want to consume, we simply send out the one thing that we want them to see. Like this blog post… you may have come across this on LinkedIn or on our site.

OR the full text was delivered to you via email. You didn’t have to click on anything. You didn’t have to decide what you wanted to read. And you can actually send your reaction using the same vehicle (email) you received the info.

Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.