Up Your LinkedIn Game: Notes from Denver’s Beast X Event

A photo taken of the speakers from Beast X event.

A hail storm, traffic jam, and impossible-to-find parking conspired last night to try to keep me away from Travis Lachner‘s BEAST X event and all failed.

I am SO glad I made it.

A wonderful group of LinkedIn enthusiasts and influencers were there.

We got to hear thoughts on fearless creating and being ok with sharing divisive ideas from Jonathan Palmar, authenticity from Luke Matthews, how to open up about your greatness and your failures from Lea 🌈 Turner, and more.

SO happy I braved the elements to get there to hear these amazing stories.

Thanks to Ariel Lee for recommending I go!

My biggest takeaway you can act on TODAY is: Be here on LinkedIn for CONVERSATIONS, not just how many comments you receive. You don’t always have to post… but commenting on others’ posts, adding value, and having conversations is how you will win on LinkedIn.

How can you be part of the conversation today?