How much is too much? How often to post to LinkedIn

Here's an infographic showing how to often to post on LinkedIn.

“Could posting to LinkedIn multiple times per day actually hurt performance?”

This was the question running through my mind earlier this week when I had a second idea of the day I wanted to share.

So I reached out to a LinkedIn expert who, well… was reluctant to answer.

Not because they weren’t sure, but because they are running a business and probably get hammered with questions like mine all the time.

And I get it. We all need to eat.

To be honest, I wasn’t necessarily expecting them to answer me directly but to perhaps leverage my question into a post shared with their network.

So that’s what I am going to do right now.

I did some research and, according to a bunch of other experts, posting multiple times per day is NOT recommended.

Once a week at least and once per day at most is the most frequently expressed advice.

I’m not a LinkedIn “expert”. But I do know that sharing valuable information can be helpful.

So I thought I’d share the answer I found with you.

Here are a few resources if you would like to learn more:

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