Embracing the 4-Day Work Week

I’ve been experimenting with the concept of the #fourdayworkweek over the past several months and definitely have not yet nailed it. Working “all the time” is one of the curses of #entrepreneurlife but I have been giving the 4-day work week a whirl.

It started with an attitude shift and some intentionality around scheduling. The first thing I did was block out time on Friday for “me”. This is time I spend planning, reflecting, and working “on” vs. “in” my business and it isn’t time during which my calendar has any availability for meetings.

I can be flexible with this block (if something urgent and important arises, I can always make adjustments) but the more I protect this time as “sacred” the more quickly I can transition to a true, 4-day workweek.

I am making adjustments to this time block to expand it to the full day and transition away from business activities altogether as I fully embrace the concept.

It’s been a slow progression but I do feel that it’s important for my approach to life. Here’s a link to an article that talks more about the 4-day work week and how others are approaching this concept.

Have you considered making the shift for yourself or even better, your team?