Provide Value to Drive Sales

For those who dislike sales, here’s some food for thought.

Sales cycles are funny.

I’ve landed deals on my first conversation with a client and have stayed in touch with others for years before having them decide to work with me.

In each case, I have tried to remember one thing… my job is to provide value – every step of the way.

I have found that when I remember why I’m in the conversation (to provide value), receiving a “no thanks” or a “not now” about an engagement opportunity ceases to feel like a negative. I know I have shared value, and that’s what’s important.

When I do this with consistency, plenty of conversations turn into sales opportunities.

And plenty of those opportunities turn into engagements.

And when I’m providing value… it doesn’t feel like sales at all.

Let us know how you’ve experienced the shift from sales to value-driven conversations by dropping us a line.