Create Effective Buyer Personas for Your Small Business

  Welcome back to our Small Businesses Marketing Guide! In this section, we’ll talk about creating buyer personas, a crucial step in understanding your target audience and crafting effective marketing messages. Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers, based on real data and insights from market research. They help you better understand your … Continued

Market Research Primer: A Guide for Small Businesses

Welcome to the conducting market research part of our Small Businesses Marketing Guide! In this section, we’ll talk about the importance of conducting market research and how it can help you better understand your target audience and develop effective marketing strategies. When it comes to marketing your products or services, one size does not fit … Continued

Goalsetting: Stacking the ROI

How do you set goals? Here’s a great tip I got from Jason Van Orden this afternoon on a call he was hosting: set yourself up for compounded success by “Stacking the ROI”. See, most of us think of only one goal or measure of success when we embark on an endeavor. We think of getting x … Continued

Paper inserted into the typewriter that has send an email words on it.

The Trouble with Cold Email

I had someone get upset with me the other day. They sent me a cold email to which I didn’t respond. The service they provide wasn’t anywhere close to anything I might have needed. It was clearly just spam, so I ignored it. And, apparently, that didn’t sit well with them. I found that approach … Continued

Hammer laying on a wooden platform.

Always Be Learning: Three New Approaches to Marketing

How frequently do you shake things up in your business to explore new techniques, systems, or processes? At Relish, one of our Core Values is “Always Be Learning.” We put this tenant into practice whenever possible to ensure that we’re on top of the latest opportunities for our clients. Here are a few new things … Continued

Jeff Kinsey wearing a kilt to hike and explore a peak.

Kilts in the Woods

Ever hike in the snow in a kilt? Jeff Kinsey has (witnessed by yours truly) and he claims it’s glorious. Jeff and I headed out with snowshoes in hand to explore a peak near our respective homes. This is not a formidable peak by any stretch of the imagination, but one which can be seen … Continued

A woman reviewing her checklist.

Turn Your To-Do List into a To-BE List

As you may have noticed, I have been investing a lot of my attention in how I BE and how that way of helping me create the world in which I exist. Everything starts with how one shows up at any given moment. Am I approaching this interaction from a place of fear? How have … Continued

A man sitting at the top of the mountain and raising his arm to celebrate.

Moving the Goalpost: Remember to Celebrate

“Transformation happens in the speaking of the transformation.” This was one of many takeaways from a coaching session last week. It’s been my experience that entrepreneurs and business leaders have a tendency to move the goalpost. Using a football metaphor, we get to the 5-yard line and then up the measure of success. “I am … Continued

Twins lying down near the window with one holding a book.

Combatting Impostor Syndrome: You Are Enough

I had the pleasure to help coach a friend this morning who is contemplating a career change. Like many of us, she expressed the concern that she might not be ready… that there is someplace she needs to “get to” before taking this next step in her career. (But here’s the truth: she IS ready. … Continued

A man standing in a wooden platform at shoreline.

The Power of Being Present

I love #movingmeetings. Though our get-together wasn’t an official “meeting” (and was long overdue), I’ll count the fun hike in the clouds with Jeff Kinsey last night as a moving meeting. See, Jeff is not only a good friend but a fantastic, intuitive #coach who helps people work through some of their toughest challenges to … Continued

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