Always Be Learning: Three New Approaches to Marketing

How frequently do you shake things up in your business to explore new techniques, systems, or processes? Here are a few new things I’ve been test-driving.How frequently do you shake things up in your business to explore new techniques, systems, or processes?

At Relish, one of our Core Values is “Always Be Learning.” We put this tenant into practice whenever possible to ensure that we’re on top of the latest opportunities for our clients.

Here are a few new things I’ve been test-driving.


At the time of this writing, ChatGPT is all the rage in the marketing and programming world. When this new AI platform burst onto the scene, I was skeptical. But after seeing it in action, I am impressed with how it can improve one’s research capabilities; speed creating copy, code, and ideas; and priming the pump in various other ways.

People are using ChatGPT to create content whole-cloth, and we recommend against using it in this way. However, leveraging machine learning to generate ideas and direction can save a lot of time when you create content for your website, social media, and other platforms. Just plug some questions into the system to guide the bot and refine the resulting recommendations with an infusion of your voice and unique expertise.

We have even seen it used to help start the foundation of a website’s code, as seen in this video. Yes, you will need a base level of coding competence to use the platform in this way, but it’s clear that ChatGPT is an effective tool that speeds up your content creation and development processes.


Several months ago, I started using Grammarly, and I have been thoroughly impressed with its ability to help my writing. It catches common grammar and punctuation mistakes and makes recommendations to improve the clarity of your writing in real-time, which saves hours of rewrites and editing. They even have a free subscription available so that you can level up your writing as soon as today!


I have always believed in the power of video to convey a message to your audience. Until recently, however, I’ve held more of a “behind the scenes” role regarding video content creation.

I used to shoot and edit ski movies and didn’t see myself much as an on-camera personality.

That changed this fall when I committed to leveraging more video content for Relish and took a video course offered by GreatBiz Media (let Joel know Relish sent you and use the code DTMC for a discount).

Everyone has a preferred learning style (audio, video, reading, doing, etc.), and you may be missing an opportunity to engage with a prospective client if you aren’t producing materials that meet them where they are in terms of their learning style. That’s one reason video can be an effective means of delivering value to a whole new audience.

I also like video because it can be the starting point for other forms of content you can use to nurture your audience. For example, you can start your content creation with a video and strip out the audio for podcast use. You could then transcribe or re-write that content as a blog post. You could even revisit your long-form video and cut it down into shorter snippets you distribute on social media. The options are almost endless.

My video experiment is ongoing, and I am committed to using it as a resource to deliver value to an expanding audience. Check out our YouTube channel if you want to see the latest.

Those are just a few new things we have been working on here at Relish. What’s something new you’ve tried recently? Did it work? Let us know.