Kilts in the Woods

Jeff Kinsey wearing a kilt to hike and explore a peak.Ever hike in the snow in a kilt? Jeff Kinsey has (witnessed by yours truly) and he claims it’s glorious.

Jeff and I headed out with snowshoes in hand to explore a peak near our respective homes. This is not a formidable peak by any stretch of the imagination, but one which can be seen from both of our homes, so it’s a fun “get”.

Winter was just dipping its toe in that day so skis/split boards were not the preferred tools of choice. Snowshoeing made going really deep into our discussion feasible since our travel both up and down this peak was slow and steady.

Our conversation was all over the place: from the surf and skate scene of the 70s and 80s in Los Angeles to ways to enhance the coaching experience for those seeking to build their understanding and expertise to the inequality of our criminal justice system. Hikes with Jeff are never a bore.

If you are looking for a great, backcountry coaching experience coupled with marketing coaching, I bet Jeff and I can put together a program to get you where you are looking to go.

Like wearing a kilt on a snow hike, Jeff is equally glorious (if not more so). Just stay in front if it’s windy.