Turn Your To-Do List into a To-BE List

A woman reviewing her checklist.As you may have noticed, I have been investing a lot of my attention in how I BE and how that way of helping me create the world in which I exist.

Everything starts with how one shows up at any given moment.

Am I approaching this interaction from a place of fear? How have I created myself and the other person in our exchange? Who would I have to BE to not see this as a downturn but as an opportunity and a resource with which I can build?

Looking at life from that perspective, you might understand how thrilled I was to receive this comment from my guest at the end of a recent Relish THIS podcast episode:

“Stu, you have helped me see that I don’t need a to-do list… I need a to-BE list.”

See, my guest and I had an in-depth discussion about her nonprofit organization and the best ways for them to get started on a revenue push.

What we talked about certainly included some actions they could take to kick-start fundraising. But more than that, we talked about ways to reconsider those efforts as opportunities to build relationships instead of simply asking for donations. We explored ways to make these conversations come from a place of value exchange and mindset shifts the team could make to create these conversations easier and more comfortable rather than awkward.

See, when we approach our interactions from a giving perspective rather than from the position of “what is in this for me,” conversations become a lot less uncomfortable. This shift tees both parties up for a different kind of experience – one where there is a lot less friction from the onset. When we reposition our engagement as coming from a place of giving and divest ourselves from the outcomes, magic happens.

So how can you reframe your to-do list from a fresh perspective? How can you transform your list from the perspective of being? If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.