Goalsetting: Stacking the ROI

How do you set goals?

Here’s a great tip I got from Jason Van Orden this afternoon on a call he was hosting: set yourself up for compounded success by “Stacking the ROI”.

See, most of us think of only one goal or measure of success when we embark on an endeavor. We think of getting x number of sign-ups, or increasing traffic volume, or saving time.

Jason suggests “Stacking the ROI” by listing out a number of possible outcomes and measurable goals that can be achieved by launching that new product, making those calls, building that site, etc.

See, when you have a variety of success measures – particularly if they are diversified in some way to tap into a variety of “success centers” – you not only increase your odds of achieving success, you compound the pleasure you will achieve when you start hitting multiple marks.

Let’s take the online course I am creating to help you build your referral program for example.

Here are just a few potential goals for someone taking the course (to which they can add their own figures):

  • Rekindling relationships
  • Increasing revenue
  • Increasing the number of online reviews
  • Improving the quality of reviews
  • Increased SERP
  • Increased traffic
  • Increased inquiries from Google Business Profile and site
  • Increased internal awareness of “what they do”
  • Increased repeat business
  • Case study fodder
  • Sense of accomplishment by creating a new program
  • Experience connecting with others and comfort with asking for help

As you can see, by Stacking the ROI with all of these goals, success is virtually guaranteed. When multiple successes occur, imagine the optimism, relief, and joy that will foster.

How can you look at a variety of lenses through which to Stack the ROI on your next project?

If you need help in setting the right goals for your business, feel free to contact us here and we’d be happy to help.