Who Not How

six sticky notes on a board

If you knew you had 7 more years on earth, what would you do? 7 months? 7 days?

You would probably try to maximize the time you could spend with those you love, doing things you love, creating something of lasting value, right?

So why not try to rid yourself of the items on your plate you don’t enjoy?

Start by creating a list of all the things you do in your life that you really hate. Add another list of activities that perhaps you aren’t great at (and don’t have a strong desire to get better). Now take that list and think of who you know who can help you with these activities. Or who can help you find other “whos” to assist.

Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy wrote about the 4 freedoms you can activate when you think of “who not how” in their book (not coincidentally), Who Not How.

  • Freedom of Time
  • Freedom of Money
  • Freedom of Relationship
  • Freedom of Purpose

Who are your “whos” who can help set you free?