Looking Beyond the Facade: Why Your Company Needs an Effective Website

Effective website is more than just pretty wrapping


Effective Websites Are More Than Just Pretty Wrapping

Clients who approach us in search of an effective website tend to wonder if and how the field of web design has changed. They desire an answer to this question: “Why can’t we use in-house techies to create a new front page for the site and just move things around a little?” Or, they stay up late at night wondering why their current website is not achieving the goals of their digital marketing strategy. Building an effective website is elusive for many small and medium companies. And honestly, web design matters as much now as it did during the .com boom. Though the techniques and styles may have changed through the years, in 2016, businesses still must consider the design of their web and mobile sites because these channels affect their brand.

The State of Design

Recently, there has been buzz about how contemporary website designers have drowned in the sea of lean and agile methods. They have begun to treat design as an embellishment, as though they were dressing up a problem and making it look pretty. Traci Lepore calls this putting lipstick on a pig. She refers to product teams using their iterative processes to crank out websites. Their approaches concentrate on fast execution but ignore the need for documentation and a proper strategy underlying that execution.

Why Web Design Matters

At Relish, we take a different approach to building effective websites for our clients. The production process is crucial to your website’s success, everything from user interface engineering to page load time. Users don’t want to wait for pages to load just because you may have graphics and other features that are too fancy or cumbersome. Information technology is about delivering information first and foremost. Web design results from careful planning, a collaboration between individuals in our firm and yours. We do not merely provide a finished look to your website. We discover and then build your vision for the website, working together to achieve a common understanding of the site design plan. We help you determine which stakeholders must give their support for the website to better convert your prospects into customers.

Why Effective Websites Requires Innovative Designers

In our view, web design is more deliberate than fancy. It’s an art form that has endured for more than three decades. We take great pride in determining how to relieve the pain points that are holding your website back from meeting a potential customer’s expectations. You’re up against plenty of competitors, and your prospects know they have many choices. Ask us about our approach to user experience design, including conducting focus testing and user experience testing. We find what converts targets into customers and design around it.

What’s New for 2016

We’re always searching for ways to make websites effective and reflect the latest market trends. A recent article from TECHCO on 2016 design trends noted: “Larger animations such as pop-ups are big impact whereas smaller animations don’t require much in the way of user input. All can be effective and highly entertaining in small doses, but don’t overdo it or your site visitors will be turned off in a big way.”

Why We Do More Than Make Fancy Facades

Considering the use of animation elements on your new website exemplifies why effective web design is an art form. As experts in interaction design, we examine how every site feature adds to the end user’s overall experience. If you want animation elements on your site, we make them have a purpose and make sure they don’t distract from your site visitor’s attention. If we place an animation element strategically on your site to elicit an action from a user, such as clicking on a special offer or pulling up a user contact data form, it will be worthwhile.

We’re here to build the most effective design for your brand. As your full-service inbound marketing agency with web design capabilities, we add all desired functionalities to fit your end user. In the end, the packaging will be flawless, ensuring that people can find information in a few clicks and enjoy their site experience. For details on expert web design with the user experience as the primary focus, please contact us.