Developing a Brand Voice: Branding doesn’t stop with your logo

I just got off a webinar about social where the question, “If you were to cover up your logo, would people still recognize your brand?”

SUCH a great question.

Brand is more than just your logo, color palette, and typefaces.

Your brand VOICE is important as well.

Creating consistency in your tone, the language you use, and what you talk about is key.

When you build out your brand guidelines, remember that your brand voice is important to nail down. Here are three items to consider when crafting your brand’s voice:

1. Start with your values: Creating content that is aligned with your core values (and even leverages these as the subject matter of your outreach) is a great way to establish your brand’s voice. Relish has a core value of helping purpose-focused individuals shine through digital marketing, so our voice includes a lot of messaging around purpose and how giving back is a concept everyone should embrace.

2. Be consistent: Not only within each channel but across channels. Get good at speaking with your voice and maintain that tone wherever you are.

3. Tell stories: It’s a lot easier to establish and embrace your voice when sharing your message through stories. Get real with your audience and let your authentic voice shine through storytelling.

If someone were to describe your brand voice, what descriptors do you think they would use? What would you *want* them to say about your brand’s voice? Let us know by dropping us a line.