Navigating the Work/Life Balance and Transitioning Between the Two

A person walking on a fallen log in a serene forest, illustrating the balance and connection between humans and nature.

I recently saw a conversation here on LinkedIn about tips to turn off your worker’s brain and move into the non-work phase of your life each day.

This is a particular challenge for those who work at home and don’t have the natural buffer created by a commute.

Here are a couple of tips that have worked for me to help with the transition from worker-Stu to home-Stu:

  1. Set up my calendar and stick to it. I have a 30-minute event called “Mop up/close out” on my calendar starting at 4:30 daily. This gives me the time and space to wrap up my day by 5:00 and I am committed to following my schedule. Get COMMITTED.
  2. As part of my mop-up, I close my day with reflection/journaling. I write down one gratitude, the best thing that came out of the day, one thing I’d like to improve/work on, and the top 3 things I’d like to accomplish tomorrow. Once this is complete, my work day is done, I’ve captured the important stuff, and I can move into my “non-work” life.

How do you tackle the transition from work to life?  Let us know by dropping us a line.