Money isn’t the Best Measure of Worth

A hand holding a coin

There are so many ways to measure progress.

For me, money isn’t the best measure.

I have made a lot more money at points in my career than I do now.

And I was miserable.

It wasn’t until I understood that one’s ability to manage time as one sees fit is the better measure of success that I felt truly successful.

If I were to go back and give my 20-year-old self some advice, I’d tell him to be less focused on making money and more focused on gaining control of his time.

I see posts here about “the hustle”, how much money people are making, and how one has to sacrifice everything to make a ton of money.

That’s certainly one way to do it.

But for me, creating enough space to be present with people in my life and to be able to manage my schedule in a way that works for me is more important than money.

I’ve worked a lot of jobs for a lot of different people.

Those that valued “butts in seats” on some sort of arbitrary schedule were by far the jobs I look back at and shake my head.

Is that the best way to get people to perform at their peak?

I feel very fortunate to have created a life for myself that affords the flexibility of time.

Certainly, there’s an idea that after you make a bunch of money, you get the freedom of an abundance of time.

I’m choosing to try to skip the intermediate step and go right to the root of the matter.

Time to walk the dogs!

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