Playing to Win

A group of people participating in a tug of war game on a grassy field, showcasing teamwork and competition.

Are you playing to win, or to “not lose”?

That was part of a recent conversation with Jeff Kinsey (seems like we ALWAYS have fun, deep discussions – LOVE that about my relationship with Jeff!).

There’s certainly a difference between going for it and playing defense.

Sure, the outcomes may be the same, but the approach is WAY different.

Playing not to lose positions you on the back foot, in a reactive stance where you are always waiting for someone else to make the next move.

Playing to win, however, comes from a completely different mindset.

Playing to win is born from a position of positivity and commitment. And when you are committed to something, your entire outlook changes.

You stop just seeing clouds and start looking for a blue sky into which to fly.

It’s easy to get in the position where you are playing defense rather than looking for ways to go on the attack. Being reactive instead of proactive.

Here’s what I would like to challenge you to do over the weekend:

  1. Take a walk and let your mind flow into a question, challenge, or obstacle currently creating friction in your life.
  2. Consider how you are currently approaching this particular impediment. Is it from a position of defense? Are you letting it control the narrative?
  3. See if there are ways to position your attitude differently. How can you take what you are judging as a negative and turn it into an opportunity?

Let us know by dropping us a line!