Try Something New

A skilled cyclist performing a daring stunt at night on a city street.

When was the last time you tried something new?

I have never been great at wheelies – the number one most fun thing to do on a bike, according to my buddy, Russell (number two is skidding and number three is coasting – so you probably have a pretty good understanding of how Russell rolls – NPI).

Historically, my biggest challenge with wheelies has been getting over my fear of looping out (falling over backward) and/or committing to the sweet spot. (The Venn diagram overlap on those two looks a lot like a circle.)

See, with wheelies, there’s a balance point one needs to access where you are in perfect harmony between falling over backward and not getting your wheel up high enough – resulting in your front wheel returning to the ground. When you can access this “sweet spot” is where the wheelie (and true bliss, apparently) can be found.

But I digress…

Given that wheelies are the most fun thing one can do on a bike, I figure it is well past time for me to learn how to ride them effectively.

As a fella who’s a bit past his wheelie prime (and one with a lot of other stuff I need to get done – like work), I decided the quickest way to get my wheelie game on point would be to build a “manual machine”. You can buy these online but I just found some plans for a simple stand built out of 2x4s and a 2×6 that will do the trick.

Since getting it put together over the weekend, I have practiced my manuals several times a day. Essentially, instead of surfing the web or checking social media, I jet out to the garage and practice for a minute or two when I have a few spare moments. Win-win.

And here’s my point regarding wheelies and their relation to business like a champ – trying something new usually supplies multiple benefits to your well-being.

You get out of your comfort zone a bit and maybe even scare the pants off of yourself from time to time.

You get to push your boundaries, which resets your baseline of what’s within your capabilities.

You get to flex some muscles you may have never used before.

And, most importantly, you get to have some fun.

So get out there and pop some business wheelies.

Let us know something new you would like to try.

And if you need some help,  let us know by dropping us a line.

(Note: That’s not me doing a wheelie in the image – yet.)