Episode 78: Access the right tools and resources to help your organization thrive with Mitch Stein, CEO of Pond

Two of the most common questions we get from nonprofit leaders are, “Do you know anyone who can help us with that?” and “Is there a tool or app we can use that will help streamline that for us?” Fortunately, the Founder and CEO of Pond, Mitch Stein and his team can help with both … Continued

Episode 77: Making your organization work for you with Simon Severino from Strategy Sprints

What if you could have your organization truly work for you? Many leaders dream of building an organization that can run without constant attention and input from the founders. One that has the right team in place and the right processes on line to thrive. One that allows every team member the opportunity to step … Continued

Episode 76: Getting Inspirational – Build a better team through the power of leadership coaching with Chris Hutchinson

At the ripe, young age of 23, I found myself leading a team of creatives for one of the top three cycling catalog companies in the nation. Looking back at that time, I certainly could have used more experience in team management and motivation to get the most out of my team. Or at least … Continued

Episode 75: Failing Fast for Better Results with Diana Zhang from Neighbor Share

Whether you’re a seasoned nonprofit or just getting started, it’s important to learn the concept of “failing fast.” Getting to a “no” quickly can help you achieve success and grow rather than limiting yourself and what you can do. On this week’s episode I spoke with Diana Zhang, CEO, and Co-Founder of Neighbor Share, an … Continued

Dr. Joe Sanders headshot Colorado Uplift

Episode 74: Scale Your Organization Through Inspiring Your Stakeholders With Joe Sanders From Colorado Uplift

For most businesses and organizations, the quickest wins are found in the INSPIRE phase of the stakeholder lifecycle. In most situations, transforming customers and donors into repeat business is simply easier than selling to a whole new audience. After all, you’ve already put in the hard work nurturing these individuals through the ATTRACT, BOND, and … Continued

Marketing Action planning white board with sticky notes

How to Develop and Implement a Marketing Action Plan

If a genie popped out of a bottle and offered to grant you one wish, do you know what you would ask for?  For many of us, we’d leap to, “A bunch of money,” or “Unlimited free time.”  But have you considered how either of those fits into a plan that you may have for … Continued

Episode 73: Reframing Your Story to Your Stakeholders’ Perspective with Danny Combs from TACT

  Messaging is a challenge for many organizations. From struggling with differentiation, to being too “us” focused, it’s flat-out difficult to nail your core message and engage stakeholders. Yet most nonprofits have a great story lurking in the haze. After all, what’s not to love about an inspirational mission? And even the newest nonprofits have … Continued

a piggy bank

Investing in yourself

Historically, I have had a default setting that allows my ego to chime in and tell me, “You’re not worth it.” This shows up in a variety of ways, some more amusing than others (read: frustrating). Sometimes it manifests itself as denying myself nice things altogether (e.g. skipping out on purchases or experiences because “I … Continued

RTNP 72 | Taking Action

Episode 72: Get Committed And Take Action With Mark Bergel

  If you have been listening to Relish THIS for a while, you have probably detected a theme: I’m a big fan of taking action. In fact, I ask each of my wonderful guests at the end of each episode what action they would like for you, dear listener, to take after our discussion. Well, … Continued

LinkedIn logo on a bike

Change your LinkedIn URL

Did you know you can change your LinkedIn URL? If you have a janky URL on LinkedIn, you can look for opportunities to make it much more user-friendly with these, easy steps: Click the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage Click “View Profile” On your profile page, click “Edit public profile and … Continued