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A skier braving through the snow.

Planning and Focus in Marketing: Look where you want to go

Look at the tree, hit the tree. When I was first trying to get good at telemark skiing, a good buddy of mine, Luke Miller, was kind enough to show me the ropes. In addition to a LOT of great drills that helped keep my form in check, we worked on two vision exercises that … Continued

Stu riding through the wilderness

Master of none: Picking your passion

In 1999, I decided it would be fun to race downhill mountain bikes. Simultaneously, I signed up for a 100-mile cross-country race. This seemed like a good idea at the time. Let me tell you… it wasn’t. See, downhill races are fast affairs that require focus and bursts of energy. They rarely last longer than … Continued

Stu on a mountain bike riding in the forest

Athletics and Business

  I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the intersection of passions and how we can leverage one set of experiences to positively affect another set of circumstances. Take the intersection of competitive athletics and business. In my time, I’ve been a competitive athlete in a number of disciplines: Road cycling, marathons, ultra-running, cross-country mountain … Continued

AI robots inspecting boxes

Content Creation in the World of AI

I had an interesting conversation yesterday about content creation – especially in the realm of AI. Here are my thoughts: I think we are going to see a surge of pretty mediocre content to start (given how many are going to abuse AI). Once the search engines start to see time on site and bounce metrics … Continued

70 year old on a dirt bike in the mountains

Three Business Takeaways from My Dirt Bike Adventure

  Last weekend, I chased some fellas around the mountains near Crested Butte on dirt bikes for about 6 hours. I was definitely in over my head a bit at times and had an absolute blast. Here are three business takeaways from my decidedly non-business-ey adventure last weekend. 1. We couldn’t have done this alone. … Continued

Grow your business through investment

The Power of Hub Pages

We’ve spoken before about the power of hub pages and continue to see the benefit for your business as valuable materials to support the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST phases of your buyers’ journey. Focused on a single topic, hub pages become a foundational source for readers and potential clients, providing a bounty of information to … Continued

A hand holding a coin

Money isn’t the Best Measure of Worth

There are so many ways to measure progress. For me, money isn’t the best measure. I have made a lot more money at points in my career than I do now. And I was miserable. It wasn’t until I understood that one’s ability to manage time as one sees fit is the better measure of … Continued

group of people discussing and taking notes on a wooden table

Clarity in Communications: Ditch the Acronyms

My business partner, Bret Orton, is helping me get better. In a wide variety of ways, he helps me see my defaults, adjust my focus when I get too carried away chasing the wrong thing, and just does a fantastic job of helping me see the way when I’m in a fog. Right now, he’s … Continued

Growing your business - Investment for growth

How to Make Money Easily – Stop Making it Hard

“The easiest way to make money.” I see these types of posts all the time. They usually lead to a list of things to do: Create a LinkedIn profile Write a book. Sell the book for money. Blah. Blah. Blah. You know the REAL easiest way to make money? Stop making it hard. When you … Continued

Word of mouth isn’t a strategy

When asked about sales sources, most people respond with “word of mouth” as their top channel. And that’s often the lowest-hanging fruit for generating more revenue for your organization. But when I ask, “What are you doing to actively nurture these word-of-mouth opportunities,” I usually get blank stares. See, “word of mouth” is often seen … Continued

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