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Using all the tools at your disposal isn’t cheating, it’s effective

I got my first ride on a KTM motorcycle with a Rekluse clutch the other day. My initial thought was, “This thing is amazing. It’s like cheating.” This isn’t the first time I have had this type of reaction to trying new tech. (Fat skis, 29″ wheels on mountain bikes, smartphones, etc. all come to … Continued

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With your powers combined! The effectiveness of proximity targeting

Are you finding your ideal stakeholders challenging to reach?  You know you do your best work with a certain segment of the population but man, they’re not easy to get in front of. Have you considered a different approach?  I was talking with a nonprofit leader the other day about this exact challenge. They were … Continued

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Be Authentic with Your Outreach

Research and authenticity are important. I’d be lying if I said I have never screwed this up, but recently, I have been getting hammered by people who simply haven’t done ANY research into who I am, what I do, and what challenges I might be facing and are approaching relationship-building from an inauthentic place. I … Continued

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Ideas for Engagement When Times are Tough

Here’s the reality of current nonprofit revenues… they are lagging. We hear this all the time from our friends in the nonprofit world (and, sadly, many for-profit partners as well). But here’s the deal: People still want to help. We all get a LOT out of being philanthropic. It helps us feel connected. And powerful. … Continued

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Check Your Habits to Live Your Best Life

What habits are getting in the way of your pathway to success? I certainly have my list: Too much screen time, postponing launch to achieve some unreachable “perfection”, thinking I can actually effectively multi-task. E. T. C. This article popped up recently that featured many of the items listed above (and a few more that … Continued

Numbers, planning, and a laptop

Manage the Numbers

There are always opportunities to look at the numbers or take the temperature of what’s going on and get really down. Why aren’t things going the other direction? Why don’t more people care about this? Why does this number make me feel so crappy? I get it. Sometimes things don’t seem to be moving the … Continued

Building a cairn out of rocks

Treat Yo Self – Create opportunities for small wins

I’ve started to give myself little pats on the back throughout the day. This started as an exercise recommended by my buddy, Aaron Wrixon (who is an amazing and talented writer so if you are looking for help getting your message dialed in, give him a shout). He starts every day by writing down 3-5 … Continued

High jumper - overcoming obstacles

Overcoming Objections: Not Right Now

I was recently chatting with an acquaintance on LinkedIn about some of the challenges they are facing during their sales cycle. “Not right now,” seemed to be popping up more and more frequently when chatting with potential clients. SUPER frustrating, for sure. I have often held the belief that the second-best answer one can hear … Continued

Stu Swineford Skiing - Photo by Johnny Copp

How to get great at business: Practice your ass off

Running a business is a lot like skiing. If you want to excel, you have to practice, practice, practice. I used to telemark ski. A LOT. Eventually, I got pretty good at it. But it took a TON of dedication to get there. I had the distinct privilege of skiing – several times per week … Continued

Confused about which direction to go on the build vs. buy question? We have a ton of experience helping clients walk through the challenges of this conundrum.

Build or Buy? What’s the best route to create the tools you need?

To build or to buy, that is the question. ~ Not Shakespeare We get this question ALL the time. “Should I build an application or system to use for my business, or should I just find something off the shelf that we can make work.” The answer itself is relatively simple. “It depends.” There are … Continued