Use AI for Ideation, Not Full-cloth Content Creation

Cute tiny little robots are working in a futuristic soap factory

I came here to rant a bit about AI-generated content and now I see that LinkedIn is offering the opportunity to author posts using AI.

This is really getting a bit out of hand.

I do not believe it’s in anyone’s best interest to generate a boat-load of inauthentic content just for the sake of generating content.

I’ve heard SEO experts claim that creating hundreds (or thousands) of posts is the way to win the SEO game.

I’ve seen people post here on LinkedIn their 9 tips for “How I created 15 posts in 5 minutes and you can too” (or whatever the hell they were saying).

My guess is that this is a tactic that is going to backfire.

Look, people are curious, inquisitive beings who thrive on learning.

If the majority of the material presented becomes just regurgitated crap, they’ll seek out legitimate, authentic items of value.

And, eventually, the search engines are going to figure this out.

So, before you embrace AI as a content-generation device in whole, recognize what that’s going to get you in the long-run. Sure, there may be some short-term gains… but like the days when one could just scrape a site of its content and repost it as your own, the engines are going to catch up.

I do see a legitimate place for AI to be used as an ideation tool. But if you are having it write your content whole-cloth, you are missing the opportunity to create material that provides real value and creates real connections with your audience.

What are your thoughts on AI-generated content? Share your opinion by giving us a shout.