Leverage Customer Reviews to Build Your Target Avatar

Two individuals at a checkout counter, one facing away from the camera wearing a dark top and an orange scarf, and the other standing behind the counter in a white shirt with a payment terminal.

Customer interviews are just one of the ways we gain insight into our clients’ performance and the “why” behind what motivates their audience to engage.

When interviews aren’t an option, we turn to reviews to get a better understanding of their audience preferences, challenges, and outcomes in order to help formulate persona profiles.

One of the best uses of ChatGPT (or the model of your choice) is to have it analyze existing data and provide insights on which you can take action.

A simple prompt to use is, “Please create a target customer profile from the following reviews:”, then copy and paste reviews from your Google Business Profile, website, Yelp, or other review platform to check out the results.

You certainly will gain some new insights into what motivates your best customers to work with your organization.

Need more help creating personas? Grab your copy of our persona workbook here or check out the Online Brand Manager for help.