The Best Way to Use AI to Create Content

A person working at a white table with a laptop, notebook, and coffee.

The decline of search engine performance is real.

The influx of AI-generated content is flooding the web with new material – much of it lacking a lot of value for real users.

And the search engines are having a tough time keeping up.

This is why we believe strongly that one should leverage AI as an ideation tool rather than a full-cloth content generation machine.

Search engines are currently scrambling for how to cope with this change in the way content is being generated.

Until they come up with solutions, we’re beset with poor results for searches.

In the meantime, we suggest making sure you create content that delivers value and is edited thoroughly to ensure what you are putting out there is correct and meets high readability-by-humans standards.

There are some other tricks you can leverage in the meantime to improve the results you can get from searches.

Here’s a link to a post about how to improve the results you get for Google searches.