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Problem Solvers Create Problems

Do you self-identify as a problem solver? Most eager, aspirational leaders do. But here’s something interesting about calling yourself a problem-solver. It puts you in the awkward position of seeing EVERYTHING as a problem in need of fixing. I used to fit this bill to a t. The world was broken and only I could … Continued

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Marketing Blue Sky: A little better is better than nothing

There’s an old story/joke about being chased by a bear. The punch line goes something like this… “I don’t have to be the fastest. I just have to be faster than one of you.” And that idea plays pretty well in the marketing world as well. We all want to be first. To do things … Continued

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Impermanence in Marketing – How to create longevity in your messaging

Lately, I’ve been pondering the idea of impermanence and how we have become a “throw-away” society. Everything from clothing to containers to content has become disposable. Use it once and toss it in the garbage. As a lifelong environmentalist and someone who tries to extend the lifespan and “value” of pretty much everything I use … Continued

Pellet stove troubleshooting leads to perspective change

Obstacle or Opportunity – Perspective Switches for the Win

Last night, our pellet stove started acting up. I ran through some troubleshooting and thought I had it resolved by about 11:00. When I woke up at 4:00, it wasn’t working. And our wee cabin was CHILLY. So I started working on it again. I could have gotten frustrated or angry. But I made sure … Continued

Analytics assessment and problem solving as a team

A Better Approach to Problem Solving

How do you encourage your team to bring solutions to the table rather than simply bringing problems? I was recently introduced to the 1-3-1 approach and it is a winner. Instead of having your team present problems, ask them to change their approach. If they are experiencing a challenge or problem, ask them to present … Continued

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3 Upgrades to Make Your Site Work Better

  From optimizing your calls to action to streamlining your navigation and providing immediate answers to critical questions, these enhancements can make a significant difference in your site’s effectiveness. Plus, discover how you can receive personalized recommendations to improve your site. Here are three, often overlooked upgrades from which most sites would benefit: 1. Add … Continued

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You Get What You Pay For: Building a Lasting Team

I saw a post today for a full-time marketing job looking for 5+ years of experience, a college degree, etc. The starting salary was listed at $45-65K. This was an on-site position in a fairly “resort-ey” area in California. I did a little poking and the median rent in that area is roughly $3K with … Continued

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BEing Shifts Create Opportunities

I used to get angry when I would see trash in the woods. Then I realized the only person that was being harmed by that reaction was me. So I made a decision to just be happy that I get to make the woods more beautiful by picking trash up when I see it. See, … Continued

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Developing a Brand Voice: Branding doesn’t stop with your logo

I just got off a webinar about social where the question, “If you were to cover up your logo, would people still recognize your brand?” SUCH a great question. Brand is more than just your logo, color palette, and typefaces. Your brand VOICE is important as well. Creating consistency in your tone, the language you … Continued

Sean Kelly riding his bike

Dissolving the What Ifs: Where judgment is holding you back

Back in the 80s and early 90s, I raced road bikes. Sean Kelly was a big inspiration for me and he was well known as a very tough rider – especially in the notoriously rigorous Spring Classics. To this day, I recall his philosophy on training and how to know whether or not it’s too … Continued

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