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You Get What You Pay For: Building a Lasting Team

I saw a post today for a full-time marketing job looking for 5+ years of experience, a college degree, etc. The starting salary was listed at $45-65K. This was an on-site position in a fairly “resort-ey” area in California. I did a little poking and the median rent in that area is roughly $3K with … Continued

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BEing Shifts Create Opportunities

I used to get angry when I would see trash in the woods. Then I realized the only person that was being harmed by that reaction was me. So I made a decision to just be happy that I get to make the woods more beautiful by picking trash up when I see it. See, … Continued

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Developing a Brand Voice: Branding doesn’t stop with your logo

I just got off a webinar about social where the question, “If you were to cover up your logo, would people still recognize your brand?” SUCH a great question. Brand is more than just your logo, color palette, and typefaces. Your brand VOICE is important as well. Creating consistency in your tone, the language you … Continued

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Dissolving the What Ifs: Where judgment is holding you back

Back in the 80s and early 90s, I raced road bikes. Sean Kelly was a big inspiration for me and he was well known as a very tough rider – especially in the notoriously rigorous Spring Classics. To this day, I recall his philosophy on training and how to know whether or not it’s too … Continued

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Honesty Matters: Don’t build relationships on lies

I just received an email from a company claiming to work with Neil Patel suggesting they could produce “just as many leads” as they create for his business. C’mon, guys. I get it. Getting your foot in the door can be a challenge. But let’s not build a relationship on complete BS. When you promise to get … Continued

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Provide Value to Drive Sales

For those who dislike sales, here’s some food for thought. Sales cycles are funny. I’ve landed deals on my first conversation with a client and have stayed in touch with others for years before having them decide to work with me. In each case, I have tried to remember one thing… my job is to … Continued

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AI for SEO: ChatGPT is your co-pilot

How is #AI going to change #SEO? I’m sitting in on a great discussion about SEO hosted by WP Engine with John Hessinger, Steffan Kasula, Carmen Domínguez, and Benjamin Rojas. A few takeaways… AI is a tool. It’s not going to produce “final” content that will produce great outcomes if you try using it that way (check out discussions about #EEAT for more). AI will help … Continued

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Persona Development Tip

It’s probably a disservice that persona development usually starts with demographics (and, unfortunately for many, ends there as well). You are spot on that more needs to be explored to create a persona/avatar that is actually helpful for your organization. Here’s what I would recommend for everyone working to try to gain some insights into … Continued

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Don’t Fear Change: You can always go back

Over the next several days, I will post 1 BIG mindset shift you can make to improve your life (business AND personal). These will all be quick, actionable changes you can make TODAY that will help you level up in one way or another. How do I know? Because they have worked for me (and … Continued

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Done Is Better Than Perfect

Here’s today’s #mindset shift on which you can take action NOW. Stop worrying about getting things “right”. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “Done is better than perfect.” In today’s world, change is inevitable, so (even if “perfection” was attainable, which it really isn’t), after you have taken the time to get to something … Continued

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