How to Improve Your Site Speed

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Looking for a quick marketing win this week? Improve your WordPress site’s performance.

Site load time has become one of the key metrics search engines (*cough* Google) use to rank sites in the search results.

You can check your performance metrics by opening Chrome, loading an incognito tab (Command+Shift+N on a Mac), browsing your site, and then right-clicking and selecting “Inspect” from the list.

From here, click on Lighthouse and select “Mobile” then analyze your page load.

There’s going to be a LOT of technical stuff but essentially, you want to get these numbers up above 80 to improve your ranking.

If you want to skip all of that and are running WordPress, you can install a plugin called “Smush” and run it on your images to transform them to next-gen formats that save a lot of load time. There’s a free version that lets you optimize 50 images at a time. The paid version lets you bulk “Smush” and is worth the investment if you have a lot of images or add images frequently.

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