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Stu Swineford carrying his skis in the wind. Photo by Johnny Copp.

Stay in Your Zone of Genius

Recently, I was on a call with Clark Vautier, and we were supposed to be talking about business stuff. As often occurs in talking with Clark, however, our conversation devolved into our mutual love of climbing mountains, outdoor adventures, and, well… LIFE. We are aligned on the idea that one’s business should fuel living and … Continued

To Get Great at Sales, Expect Nothing Back

Jacob Pegs had an interesting point in one of his recent posts. “Expect nothing back.” Leading with pure altruism is something that everyone can do. It demonstrates a willingness to share your expertise and a desire to simply help – without strings attached. In sales, this is often framed as “divesting oneself from the outcomes,” … Continued

A top-down view of a white cup of coffee placed on an open planner with a monthly calendar layout for November.

Missing Your Goals Isn’t Failure

There’s a saying in skiing… If you aren’t falling down once in awhile, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. The same holds true in pretty much every part of your life. If you are achieving all your goals, you’re not aiming high enough. Growth happens when we fall. And missing your goals isn’t “failure”. It’s … Continued

A person using a laptop while holding a black mug of tea.

Supercharge Your Testimonials with Headshots

Want to make your awesome testimonials even awesome-er? (Yeah, I know… not a word.) Add headshots to the testimonials you post to your site to improve their performance. People love the social proof testimonials provide. And they also like to see real people attached to the glowing reviews they leave for your organization. So, whenever … Continued

Two individuals collaborating and organizing sticky notes on a glass wall for brainstorming or planning purposes.

Don’t Hide Your Demo Behind a Paywall

Tip to SAAS marketing teams: If you offer to let people view a video demo’ing your service but require them to share their email address or sign up for something before doing so, you may be missing some opportunities. Look, if your service is valuable, you shouldn’t hide it behind what is effectively a paywall. … Continued

A group of people participating in a tug of war game on a grassy field, showcasing teamwork and competition.

Playing to Win

Are you playing to win, or to “not lose”? That was part of a recent conversation with Jeff Kinsey (seems like we ALWAYS have fun, deep discussions – LOVE that about my relationship with Jeff!). There’s certainly a difference between going for it and playing defense. Sure, the outcomes may be the same, but the approach is WAY … Continued

You’ll Never Be Here Again

Have you ever considered that you can never be “here” again? We are all, collectively and individually… hurtling through space. And we will never be “here” again. Even if you zoom into a time and place and think, “It’s ok. I can come back here again someday,” you really can not. See, you will be … Continued

Two individuals in a workspace, seemingly engaged in a discussion or collaborative work

The 1-3-1 Approach to Problem Solving

How do you encourage your team to bring solutions to the table rather than simply bringing problems? I was recently introduced to the 1-3-1 approach and it is a winner. Instead of having your team present problems, ask them to change their approach. If they are experiencing a challenge or problem, ask them to present … Continued

e you sent depicts a close-up view of wood pellets that are on fire, with flames dancing above them

Reframing Challenges as Opportunities: Mindset shifts to create positivity

Last night, our pellet stove started acting up. I ran through some troubleshooting and thought I had it resolved by about 11:00. When I woke up at 4:00, it wasn’t working. And our wee cabin was CHILLY. So I started working on it again. I could have gotten frustrated or angry. But I made sure … Continued

A megaphone raised to the sky

Turn “Word of Mouth” into a Scalable Referral Machine

I saw a post today about how referrals don’t scale. Though I certainly agree that relying on “hope” for referrals is not particularly scalable, I do think that there’s a lot of referral opportunity left on the table when it comes to supercharging your referral mechanism. If you create a referral system that leverages proactive, … Continued

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