Episode 86: The power of purpose and leading with authenticity with Cheryl Farr and Cristina Ferreri from SignalCSK

At one point, having a purpose-focused organization was a bit of a differentiator. Lately, the term comes up a lot, and for those organizations that are truly leading with purpose and have a mission that drives their decisions and daily activities, kudos to you. At Relish Studio, we like working with people with a purpose … Continued

Episode 85: CRMs, the number one tool to help you stay on track and grow your organization with Lidiane Mocko of CRM Growth Strategy

When asked, “What’s the best Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM)?” I like to joke, “The best CRM is the one you will use.” And though this is mostly a pithy reply to a legitimate inquiry, in my experience just getting started and committed to using a CRM is one of the best actions one can … Continued

Episode 84: Embracing the new future of virtual events to greatly increase your engagement, attendance and donations with We and Goliath

Like it or not, we are still living in a world where virtual events continue to be a necessity. In order to accommodate the widest possible audience, getting your virtual events dialed is imperative to ensure that you enable optimum engagement. And what’s fortune is that we do live in an era where technology exists … Continued

Episode 83: Planning where you want to go with Sherry Quam Taylor from Quam Taylor Consulting

When thinking about planning, most of us start that exploration from the perspective of where we are today. Want to buy a new car? How much money do you make or have in the bank? Interested in taking an extended vacation? How much time have you accumulated in your PTO at work? But my guest … Continued

Episode 82: Budgets are essentially plans, in numbers – Strategic planning for nonprofits with Carol Hamilton

When you think of strategic planning, what comes to mind? Hours locked away in a conference room, working through scenarios and exercises that, in the end, will produce a document that feels ok at the time, but you know will rarely see the light of day once the session is complete? Or a valuable exercise … Continued

Ep 81: Who you need to BE to get things DONE with Sobia Zafar from the Taaleem Foundation

Episode 81: Who you need to BE to get things DONE with Sobia Zafar from the Taaleem Foundation

Setting big goals for your organization can be daunting. Are your plans and projections realistic? Are you reaching too far? Not far enough? Getting to that “sweet spot” of planning and projections feels comfortable. But, as we chatted about in last week’s episode, that’s not a real commitment. Commitment happens when you land in the … Continued

Episode 80: How to leverage authenticity and passion to do good in the world with Steve Bacon from Belief Theory

My coach frames everything from the perspective of commitment. And if you think you understand commitment, let me tell you something, his definition (and getting committed to REAL commitment) could change your world. See, it’s easy to “commit” to things you know you can do. I can confidently sign on to say, throwing a football … Continued

Episode 79: Advertisers vs. Sponsors vs. Partners – What’s Best for Your Organization? with Ken Ungar from Charge

Partnerships can provide a much-needed boost to any organization’s outreach. They help secure funding for events, bring in a baked-in audience ready to engage, and can contribute in a variety of other ways to help your organization move closer to your goals. However, partnerships are a two-way street. This week’s Relish THIS I spoke with … Continued

Episode 78: Access the right tools and resources to help your organization thrive with Mitch Stein, CEO of Pond

Two of the most common questions we get from nonprofit leaders are, “Do you know anyone who can help us with that?” and “Is there a tool or app we can use that will help streamline that for us?” Fortunately, the Founder and CEO of Pond, Mitch Stein and his team can help with both … Continued

Episode 77: Making your organization work for you with Simon Severino from Strategy Sprints

What if you could have your organization truly work for you? Many leaders dream of building an organization that can run without constant attention and input from the founders. One that has the right team in place and the right processes on line to thrive. One that allows every team member the opportunity to step … Continued