Ep 102: Effective Storytelling to Inspire Investment with David Cohen from Techstars

Whether you are a startup looking for investment, or a nonprofit seeking to build momentum by attracting a larger donor, getting your story dialed in is clutch. On this week’s Relish THIS, David Cohen from Techstars joined me to discuss his experience with investing and what purpose-focused businesses can do to ensure that they are … Continued

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Ep 101: How to Get Volunteers on Board from the Onset with Karen Knight

Volunteers are the fuel that keeps nonprofit organizations humming. Not discounting volunteers’ hard work to serve nonprofits’ missions, volunteers and how they talk about their experiences working with their favorite organizations provide the thrust that brings an abundance of donations, interest, and other volunteers into the system. In short, when you treat your volunteers well … Continued

Ep 100: Improve Your Effectiveness with Data with Matt Ranta of Nimble Gravity

The idea of testing can stir up anxiety for many people. But what if testing was a fun, fruitful venture for your organization? In fact, to get the most out of your marketing, you need to be testing, measuring, making adjustments, and repeating this cycle infinitum to ensure you aren’t missing opportunities and are taking … Continued

Ep 99: Reenergize Your Nonprofit to Survive and Thrive with Kristen Faith of The Nonprofit Makeover

All of us have the desire to be liked. And many of us hide our true selves for fear of rejection. We tailor our appearance, what we say, and what we talk about to try to curate a persona we believe will be more attractive to more people. This curation may create a likable avatar, … Continued

Ep 98: Creating a More Authentic Conversation with Aaron Wrixon

Are you struggling with content marketing? In one sense, getting your message out to prospects has never been easier. A quick web search reveals dozens, if not hundreds, of content tools to help you quickly distribute your latest ideas via email, social media, your site, and nearly anywhere else you can think of. However, this … Continued

Ep 97: Mission Alignment and How to Keep Creativity in the Ecosystem With Teague McDaniel from Creative Integration Initiative

There’s a saying in sales, “‘No’ is the second best answer you can hear.” There’s a certain power in “no” and getting to that “not interested” allows everyone to move forward and get on with their day. This holds true in the nonprofit world as well. Understanding one’s mission and selecting partners that are mission-aligned … Continued

Ep 96: Your Numbers Tell a Story: Understanding Nonprofit Finances with Stephen King

Storytelling is a major component of any organization’s marketing. People love a good story, and effective storytelling can make the difference between gaining that new donor or falling short on your projections… again. More often than not, when looking for a compelling story, one overlooks a glaring opportunity in one’s organization. See, when telling a … Continued

Episode 95: Reframing Costs As Investments with Alex Romero

When spending money on one’s organization, it’s pretty easy to fall into what I call the “cost trap”. Particularly when one is a solopreneur, there’s a tendency to think of expenses as money coming out of one’s pocket instead of as an investment into one’s organization. It stems from adopting a scarcity mindset (rather than … Continued

Episode 94: How to bring DEI training to the masses with Maren Miller and Nikki Murillo from Building Bridges

In the past, one’s “elevator pitch” lasted 30-60 seconds. There was a reasonable expectation that one could hold someone’s attention for that period of time during which a longer conversation could be created. These days, however, 30-60 seconds is an eternity. In the world of TikTok and Snapchat and Twitter, we now have roughly 7 … Continued

Episode 93: Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Apply for Grants with Gauri Manglik

Going after grants seems like a no-brainer for most nonprofits. The allure of readily available money is certainly a draw – that can turn into a real distraction if you aren’t positioned well to win these opportunities. My guest today, Gauri Manglik, is a pro in the grant writing space. She is the CEO and … Continued

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