Ep 98: Creating a More Authentic Conversation with Aaron Wrixon

Are you struggling with content marketing?

In one sense, getting your message out to prospects has never been easier. A quick web search reveals dozens, if not hundreds, of content tools to help you quickly distribute your latest ideas via email, social media, your site, and nearly anywhere else you can think of.

However, this ease of access has come at a price. These distribution gains have come with a loss in the authenticity required to develop strong, lasting relationships.

That’s one of the many topics my guest, Aaron Wrixon, and I discuss today on Relish THIS.

Aaron is not only an amazing copywriter but also just a fantastic human being. I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron at a conference many years ago and we instantly clicked. He’s one of my favorite people on the planet and I thoroughly enjoy our conversations. Whether we are chatting about hockey, the latest Nic Cage movie, books, or marketing, there’s always gold to be mined.

Dive into your approach to copywriting and hone your ability to write copy that embraces the idea of developing a 1-to-1 relationship – one that casts your stakeholder in the role of “hero” in the story they are experiencing with your organization. Aaron is just the best.

Take your content marketing to the next level with this episode of Relish THIS.

Aaron Wrixon’s Website


✔ “Give your head a shake” lol
✔ Try to be more authentic and bold in your communication. Be more vulnerable and more engaging.
✔ Daring to commit to authentic conversation.

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