Ep 99: Reenergize Your Nonprofit to Survive and Thrive with Kristen Faith of The Nonprofit Makeover

All of us have the desire to be liked.

And many of us hide our true selves for fear of rejection. We tailor our appearance, what we say, and what we talk about to try to curate a persona we believe will be more attractive to more people. This curation may create a likable avatar, but it may exist through the exclusion of authenticity. And what might have been stifled through this creation?

My guest today on Relish THIS is Kristen Faith, the CEO of The Nonprofit Makeover. If there’s anything to be said about Kristen it’s this: she is awash with enthusiasm for helping nonprofit leaders find their voice and the authenticity to help people really step out of their shells and take their nonprofit organizations to the next level.

Our conversation was wide-ranging, with a particular focus on the importance of revenue-stream diversification for your organization. When Kristen started her nonprofit she quickly realized the power and importance of having a variety of revenue streams and how diversification frees you up to take fuller advantage of opportunities. This is a methodology she helps others in the space leverage.

Have a listen to this great show and learn how you can make adjustments in your organization to help it thrive.

The Nonprofit Makeover
Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential

Diversify your funding streams.
Get prepared and find the resources that will push you and challenge you to be better.

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