Ep 96: Your Numbers Tell a Story: Understanding Nonprofit Finances with Stephen King

Storytelling is a major component of any organization’s marketing.

People love a good story, and effective storytelling can make the difference between gaining that new donor or falling short on your projections… again.

More often than not, when looking for a compelling story, one overlooks a glaring opportunity in one’s organization. See, when telling a good story, the devil is, as they say, in the details.

And what better place to look for details than one’s own numbers?

My guest today is Stephen King, Founder and CEO of GrowthForce, a financial management firm that specializes in working with nonprofits to help them keep their missions on track through sound financial management.

Stephen is a font of valuable information: from how to stay on top of your reporting, to how to leverage your accounting data to make all kinds of organizational decisions. He shares his understanding of how healthy finances create tangible results for every organization.

So buckle up for an eye-opening episode of Relish THIS.

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