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Episode 64: Hone Your Message To Reinforce The Work You Do With Stephanie And David From SJMA

  As you’re probably aware, I’m a big fan of protecting Colorado’s open spaces. You may know Relish is involved with 1% for the Planet, but I think it’s also of interest that I’ve chosen to live deep in the forest of Colorado’s Front Range. It’s fair to say environmental stewardship is engrained in what … Continued

RTNP 63 | Sales And Marketing

Episode 63: Telling Your Story At The Intersection Of Marketing, Branding, And Sales With Suzi Bahnsen From Apple And Arrow Sales

  In the for-profit world, Sales and Marketing are two sides of the same coin. They work hand-in-hand to build an organization. In the nonprofit world, however, these two components of brand building and stakeholder engagement get a bad rap. But do nonprofits actually sell? Of course they do. Whether some component of your organization … Continued

RTNP 62 | Amazon Product Launch

Episode 62: How To Successfully Launch A Product On Amazon With Luke Tierney Of Eco D2c

  I don’t think it’s news that Amazon dominates the online selling game, both here in the United States and around the world. You don’t get to be a $1.75T—yes, that’s trillions of dollars—by slacking. In any case, if you’re launching a consumer product, a little knowledge about how to market it on Amazon can … Continued

RTNP 61 | Nonprofit Revenue Streams

Ep 61: Rethink Your Nonprofit’s Revenue Streams With Regeanie Corona From Advancing The Seed

    When you’re trying to scale and grow, it can be daunting to think about all the moving parts that need to fall into place for your organization to reach the next level. Fundraising, messaging, outreach, hiring, infrastructure—all of these compound to create a lot of stress. That is, if you haven’t mapped out … Continued

Episode 60: Reframe and Remaster Your Messaging To Thrive with Douglas Spencer of Spencer Brenneman

Episode 60: Reframe and Remaster Your Messaging To Thrive with Douglas Spencer of Spencer Brenneman

  What message are you trying to share with your stakeholders? On this week’s Relish This, I chatted with Spencer Brennan, the founder, and CEO of Boston agency Douglas Spencer. He and I met on an online group called Nonprofit.ist that enables those working in the nonprofit sector to connect with other nonprofit and purpose-focused experts. Spencer … Continued

RTNP 59 | Organizational Growth

Episode 59: Manage And Fuel Your Organization’s Growth With Goodworld Co-founder Richie Kendall

My guest today is Richie Kendall, the co-founder of Goodworld, an AMAZING tech stack that helps organizations (both nonprofit and for-profit) manage and fuel their growth. Richie’s platform combines many great features in one platform, making it easier to coordinate your outreach for maximum effect. In my opinion, nonprofit organizations could especially benefit from using … Continued

RTNP 58 | Healthy Food

Episode 58: Sharing your Passion With A Wider Audience: PR and nonprofit outreach with Maya Brook From Slow Food Denver

  Are you crafting a conversation with all of your audiences? On this episode of Relish This, I talked with Maya Brook, the Executive Director of Slow Food Denver, an organization that helps educate people about their food sources and encourages them to seek out  food that is produced using sustainable practices and is available … Continued

RTNP 57 | Build Partnerships

Episode 57: How To Build Partnerships And Expand Your Mission With Mike Reichert From Wild Bear Nature Center

  On this week’s episode, I talked with Mike Reichert, the Director of Operations at Wild Bear Nature Center in Nederland, CO. Wild Bear Nature Center has an ambitious plan to educate people about nature by building a new facility down the street from where I live. (They’re currently running a big capital campaign to raise … Continued

RTNP 56 | Online Events

Episode 56: Remain Relevant By Running Online Events With Dave Jensen From Encompass Event Group

  Are you hosting an event this year? If not, you should consider doing so. (Within the bounds of safety, of course.) On this week’s episode I talked with Dave Jensen, the CEO of Encompass Events Group. Their company helps nonprofit organizations put on live hybrid and remote events. They offer support and production services … Continued