Episode 49: How to Live Your Best Life with David Shurna From No Barriers

  Here’s a question that most of us don’t take time to ask: Are you living your best life? On this week’s episode, I talked with David Shurna, one of the Co-Founders of No Barriers, a nonprofit organization that helps people of all types do exactly that — live their best lives. They have an … Continued

Episode 48: How to Run Your Organization Like a For-Profit with Sherry Manning from Global Seed Savers

  Profits or revenue… What’s your organization’s focus? If you can’t answer that question, perhaps you’ll enjoy this week’s episode of Relish This. I had a great, all-encompassing conversation with Sherry Manning, the US Executive Director of Global Seed Savers. They are a really cool organization that helps farmers stockpile and diversify their seed stock … Continued

RTNP 47 | Franchise Ownership

Episode 47: How Franchise Ownership Can Fund Aspirational and Philanthropic Dreams with David Weaver from Franchoice

  Here’s an episode that is a little off the beaten track. Today I talked with David Weaver, a representative of Franchoice, a for-profit company that helps people buy franchises. I wanted to have David on because he provides a unique perspective on the opportunities that business or franchise ownership can provide. He’s been around … Continued

RTNP 46 | Small Wins

Episode 46: Maintain Momentum, Build Your Audience, and Prevent Burnout Through Small Wins with Setsuko Hata Executive Director of We Are From The Earth

  In this week’s episode, I had a great conversation with Setsuko Hata, the Executive Director of We Are From the Earth. WAFTE is building a social media platform that helps people cultivate compassion and live a socially conscious lifestyle. Yes, you can connect with like-minded people there, but the platform is focused primarily on … Continued

Episode 45: Learning How To Identify And Nurture your Ideal Audience With Julia Keller From Mindful Youth

  In this week’s episode, I talk to Julia Keller, one of the founders of the Mindful Youth Institute. They are teeing up a lot of great opportunities to address bullying behavior—and to help potential bullies find a different path. Their organization is fairly new so we had a great conversation discussing every facet of … Continued

RTNP 44 | Marketing And Communication

Episode 44: Creating a compelling story through marketing and communication with Mark Eller from Leave No Trace

  Here at Relish we try hard to adopt sustainable practices, recycle, and reuse as best we can. Generally speaking, we do our best to minimize the impact we have on the planet. I bring it up because I had a fun conversation today with Mark Eller, the Memberships, Major Gifts, and Foundations Director at … Continued

RTNP 43 | Mailing List

Episode 43: Leverage Your Most Powerful Asset, Your Mailing List, With Sarah Murray From Women’s Wilderness

  Your email list is a powerful asset. But if you’re like many organizations, you’re not making the most of it. After all—what’s better than an engaged audience, all of whom have raised their hands to be part of your program? Today’s guest is Sarah Murray, Executive Director of Women’s Wilderness. WW is an amazing … Continued

RTNP 42 | Avenues Of Engagement

Episode 42: Creating Multiple Avenues of Engagement For Stakeholders With Mike Fye From Big Brothers Big Sisters

  Big Brothers Big Sisters has been around for over 100 years, and my guest today had a LOT of great history to share. Mike Fye is the Director of Corporate Sponsorships at BBBS Colorado. They are doing some fantastic things to mentor kids and help them navigate the world. Not only that, Mike understands … Continued

RTNP 41 | Common Connections

Episode 41: Finding Common Connections To Build Stronger Relationships With Tim Kugler from Gunnison Valley Trails Association

  Fabulous episode today with Tim Kugler, the Executive Director of Gunnison Valley Trails Association. This show made me think about relationships and how quickly they develop when you look for common ground. You see, Tim and I have quite a bit of overlap. I grew up in Gunnison, where Tim’s organization is based, and … Continued

RTNP 40 | Engaging Stakeholders

Episode 40: Keeping Your Stakeholders Engaged Year Round With Gillian Winterbourn From Together We Count

  How can you keep your stakeholders engaged? On today’s episode I speak with Gillian Winbourn, the Executive Director of Together We Count, a unique organization that creates and motivates coalitions to help with the Census every 10 years. The cyclical nature of the Census means long periods of almost no interest from the public—punctuated … Continued